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Ted O'Neill
7143 Valley Trails Dr.
Pleasanton, CA 94588
Phone: (925)209-8752
E-mail: [removed]


Senior-level software engineering position (full-time, W-2).


* Languages: Java, C++, XML, SQL, UML.
* Practices: OOAD, OOP, RAD, SaaS, design patterns, use cases, unit testing.
* Frameworks/APIs: J2EE/JEE/EJB/JMS/JMX/JDBC, WS/SOA, Spring, Hibernate, Struts.
* Platforms: WebLogic, WebSphere, JBoss, Apache, Oracle, Sun.
* 10+ years object-oriented design and programming.
* 10+ years multi-tier Web application development.
* 10+ years developing in Linux and Windows environments.
* 3 years technical consulting.


Senior Software Engineer (October 2003 - present)
Application Server Development Group
Virgin Mobile USA, Walnut Creek, CA.
* Responsible for design, construction, and evolution of enterprise software.
* Emphasis on distributed architecture and application/services integration.
* Participation in full project life-cycle, from inception to deployment.
* Collaboration with business and marketing teams for rapid prototyping.
* Coordination with quality assurance and operations teams to support iterative releases.
* Estimation of technical effort and required skills for tasks and projects.
* Lead/supporting engineer on several high-profile projects and system areas:
  1. Recommendation engine for mobile download products (e.g. games, ringtones)
  2. ICE content management system for Web and mobile content producers
  3. Light-weight rules engine for targeting and publishing of content
  4. Mobile product content management system for dynamic merchandising
  5. B2B infrastructure for integration of third party content libraries
  6. Customer-facing Web/WAP storefronts and purchase transaction flow
  7. Download service for mobile product purchase fulfillment
  8. Middleware support for new devices and APIs (e.g. J2ME, EVDO, Brew, Google)

Senior Software Engineer (October 2000 - October 2003)
Middleware Engineering Group
Semaphore Partners (formerly NOVO Interactive), San Francisco, CA.
* Lead engineer on re-launch: design and construction of middle-tier services.
* Designed MVC architecture for Behr ColorSmart self-service touch-screen kiosks deployed in Home Depot stores.
* Designed server-side components for flight search and results matrix.
* Implemented BEA WebLogic 7 Platform sales demo for use by BEA sales engineers.
* Created JMS event notification system to integrate BEA and ATG applications.

Senior Software Engineer (January 2000 - September 2000), Inc., Burlingame, CA.
* Created user registration and profile system using Java Enterprise (JE) APIs (servlets/EJB/JSP) and MVC architecture.
* Designed and implemented JE service to wrap native geo-mapping API (similar to Google Maps).
* Ported IPlanet JE application to BEA WebLogic server.
* Converted legacy HTML templating engine to scaleable JE-based system.
* Managed small development team of Web and Java engineers.

Internet Java Developer (August 1998 - December 1999)
Strategic Management Group, Inc., San Francisco, CA.
* Helped design and implement Web-based, multi-user e-commerce simulation using Java applets, servlets, and RMI.
* Developed Java-based user registration and profile system.
* Created chat service for pre-simulation lobby.
* Designed applet-servlet communication protocol for serialized application data.

Information Services Developer (April 1996- July 1998)
Lexington Group LLC, San Jose, CA.
* Designed, developed, and administered company's first intranet and public Web sites.
* Developed company directory system using Java servlets/JDBC/ODBC to interface with legacy employee database.
* LAN/email/Web server administrator (Windows NT; Netscape email/Web servers).
* Scientific research for R&D department using online services like Lexus-Nexus, Dialog, and NIH Medline.

Research & Development Coordinator (October 1994 - March 1996)
Golden Neo-Life Diamite International, Fremont, CA.
* Developed and launched company's first Web site.
* Managed R&D projects in the nutritional supplements division.


Certified BEA J2EE Developer, WebLogic Platform (2001)
BEA Systems, Inc.
* Certification covers standard J2EE/JEE APIs and WebLogic-specific features

Certified Java Programmer (1998)
Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Master of Library & Information Science (1998)
San Jose State University, School of Library and Information Science
* Specialization in Software and Information Systems
* Thesis project: Web-based training system

Bachelor of Science, Nutrition & Food Science (1992)
University of California at Berkeley, College of Natural Resources
* Awarded with "Highest Honors"

Updated: April 18, 2008
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