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Web Work Samples
Below are some examples of my work. Enjoy!
Web Site
GNLD is a global multi-level marketing company specializing in nutritional supplements. In addition to material intended for the general public, the site features a password protected area where distributors can access current news stories, event schedules, etc. The site uses HTML 3, a simple frames interface, and some JavaScript. It is designed to be compatible with as many browser platforms as practical in order to maximize public accessibility.
NetLearn NetLearn is an interactive Web-based course in basic networking that I created for SJSU as part of my Master's thesis project. Users log in, select a topic area, and are presented with course content, followed by a short quiz to test their mastery. Subject areas of difficulty can then be selectively reviewed and are suggested by the system based on quiz results. Each user's progress is recorded and summary statistics can be displayed. An administrator, such as the course instructor, can access individual student information and aggregate performance statistics.
Pick-a-Door Applet I wrote this simple Java 1.0 applet as an exercise using Sun's JDK 1.1. Feeling psychic? [Source Code]
PageScan PageScan is a free service I created that allows users to automatically monitor Web pages for changes . After logging in, each user creates a personal list of URLs which PageScan then visits daily to check for modifications. Notification of any change is emailed to the user. Other than the log-in page linked to here, PageScan's various forms are created and processed by a single CGI script written in PERL. Another PERL script handles the monitoring and notification functions.
Nutrition News
Search Engine
I've included this page from the distributor area of the GNLD site because it demonstrates some more of my CGI work in PERL. This search engine allows users to query a small database of news articles related to nutrition. It features search support for combinations of keywords, phrases, and word stems, and sorts results in reverse chronological order.
Wallace &
Grommit Quiz
and Slide-Show
This JavaScript-powered page is my idea of fun. Test your Wallace & Grommit knowledge and check out the goofy pictures!