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  • Name: Ted O'Neill
  • E-mail: Country: USA

    Greetings Web wanderers! Thanks for dropping by...

  • Name: Pat Ford
  • E-mail: Country: Berserkeley

    Ted, the design and layout of your site is one of the best I've seen for a home page. Nice use of frames, too! Hope you don't mind if I borrow elements of your design for my own project.

  • Name: Leslie O'Neill
  • E-mail: Country: US

    Message: Be sure to see the new picture of Benjamin the dog in the Photo Album section. That's my dog!

  • Name: Ted
  • E-mail: Country: USA

    Message: Hello!

  • Name: Ted Relative
  • E-mail: Country: USA

    Message: Hello!

  • Name: Judy
  • E-mail: Country: rainbowmartian land

    Message: hey ted! no wonder you are so healthy, you were a nutrition academic!

  • Name: A Real Java Programmer
  • E-mail: Country: U.S.A.

    Message: why are you guys who can't program their way out of my Aunt Lily's paper shopping bag always Java Certified. What wrong with function calls anyway. I write Java like I write "C" and it works just fine. Plus it's faster that way. I've even figured out how to do pointers, with MS help.