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Join in the many discussions about and activities inspired by Spiderweb Software's Exile Trilogy and Blades of Exile.

Spiderweb's newest series, Avernum, also has a mailing list (along with their Nethergate game).


A BOE Chat is on the IRC (internet relay chat) server - and/or It uses an IRC client program, see Tucows for a list of programs for both the Windows and Macintosh OSs. Check the the message board at Alcritas' Lyceum for the times.

Other chats with no times listed (i.e. they are inactive):
    The Exile 3 chat room at the Unofficial Exile 3 Tourist Guide page (Geocities).
    An Exile 3 Chat room is at King Vothkaro's Realm.


Arenax999 founded the Blades of Exile Scenario Design Club - A club for BOE designers - 6 June 1999. "Blades of Exile scenario designers, come here!" [The last post is 30 June 1999 - "This club is going nowhere..." by Aceron]


Spiderweb Software, the makers of the Exile role playing game series, had the First scenario contest to recognize outstanding scenarios. Alcritas has taken over where Spiderweb has left off and has administered the other scenario contests at The Olympia - the official site for Blades of Exile contests.

Also, surf to the other major sites in the Blades Webring for opinion polls and other contests.

Mailing lists

The Spiderweb_news Mailing List is Spiderweb Software's official way to send messages to its subscribers. Subscribe to the list by sending an e-mail to

The below mailing lists provide a means of discussing topics related to the games written by Spiderweb Software. They are not associated with Jeff Vogel or Spiderweb Software. The purpose of these lists is to entertain and educate. These lists are for discussing the Exile games. They are not for talking about computers, general game playing, or idle chatter. Subscribers may discuss topics related to any of the games currently supported by these lists.

The mailing lists for Exile I: Escape From the Pit, Exile II: Crystal Souls, Exile III: Ruined World, Blades of Exile, Nethergate, and Avernum are now on the server and use Gnu-Mailman as the list manager. Click on to subscribe to the list(s) you want.

Message boards

The Lyceum's Message Board contains postings that deal with a wide range of Blades of Exile topics - general discussion, advanced design, the Olympia contests, and his scenarios (planned, current, and past). It has been active longer than Spiderweb's message board (below).

Spiderweb Software's Official Message Boards.

Another message board, the Lair of Blades Message Board has recently opened.

For completeness the following are inactive, or near inactive, message boards:
    King Vothkaro's Realm's Historical Documents (Exile 3)
    The Pit of Exile Forum (Exile 1, started 8/29/98)

Two text files of message board activity Exile 2 Log (11-28-95 to 06-20-96, 163k zipped) and Exile 3 Log (01-12-97 to 04-17-97, 117k zipped) may contain new information or answers you are seeking.

Monster arenas

Akhronath Arena is the the most popular. It has two classes - normal and Titans. Akhronath Team Arena (Geocities), implemented by Stareye, features team fights among teams of 4 monsters. Read the current challenges between the factions on the BoE Monster Arena Message Board.

Usenet groups

Clicking on Macintosh adventure games or IBM-PC adventure games will likely open your Usenet News Reader program.

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