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Hi, welcome to my personal homepage. My name is Tris. I'm a hydrogeologist with mayor interest on groundwater management.
Please come in and visit my home.



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Threaten from flood!
Rainy season is about to come. Watch for weather forecast from meteorological office and be prepared for flood, particularly those who are living in high precipitation, lowland areas and near river banks!.


East canal couldn't free Jakarta from flood
Fourty percent of Jakarta land area is flood prone area. Even if east canal has been built couldn't ensure to free Jakarta from flood.  KOMPAS, December 2, 2002


Melbourne water restriction
Melbourne's water retailers are hailing the success of the first month of water restrictions, revealing that only a small number of infringement notices - just over 1200 - had been sent to residents warning they were breaching restrictions.
The retailers also reported a fall in consumption and increasing community understanding of how to apply the restrictions. The Age, December 1, 2002



Need for new water law!
Flooding that occurred almost every year, shortage of water during drought and overexploitation of groundwater are evidences that improvement of water management in this country is indispansable. Obsolete Law # 11 of 1974 no longer capable to overcome water issues and sustain the water resources. New water law, therefore is highly required.
Want to know my opinion, what such things should be included in the new water law ?.
Follow this and this!!!.(.pdf)



Decentralization of Groundwater Management and Its Impact on the Environment in Indonesia
Abstract: Following the change of political regime in 1998, reform has realigned the role of central government. To conform to Article 10 Paragraph (1) of Law No. 22, 1999 concerning regional autonomy and decentralization, local governments were assigned responsibility to manage those water resources, including groundwater, within their jurisdiction.
Full Paper


Restriction of Water Abstraction Based on Sustainable Yield Concept
Restriction of water abstraction is an integral part of groundwater management. It's not only just setting up the limit of total water abstraction from a groundwater basin or an aquifer system, but to define the way of water abstraction based on its economic , social and environmental values in order to ensure its sustainability.
Full paper


Groundwater and Environment Interaction.....
The process of groundwater and environment interaction is lasted in the hydrology cycle, involving directly or indirectly all environment components and factors of groundwater occurrence. The environment changes will give impacts to groundwater occurrence, both quantity and quality.




First, recognize your groundwater!

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