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December 24, 2004

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

My Christmas story

It was Christmas week, Dec.21, me and Kam were returning home after long hours of work followed by an exhilarating date. Naturally I felt high - very high. We were at the subway station, just about to enter through one of those rotating doors, when (while being “drunk” from exhaustion and having too much fun at the same time) something came over me and I decided to squeeze with Kam into one of the four door ‘slots’ and get a free ride (not that I needed it). The fun lasted only three seconds. As we transferred ourselves onto the other side of the entrance, (glued to each other like two flies during …) we ‘bumped’ into the TTC camera sticking out right in front of our faces. And that was the station I go to every day to/from work. I have never felt so guilty and embarrassed in my entire life!

I avoided that station for the next 2 days, in case the TTC people decided to hang up my picture with “wanted” written beneath it. On the third day, ie today, the Christmas Eve, feeling safe, I decide to return.

I put my token into the machine to enter that very same revolving door and threw myself onto the door with all the strength I could gather (being a lady, I really need to apply a lot of force to make that door move!)…. And Bah! I smash into it and it doesn’t even move an inch. Ouch ouch ouch! ….. When I regained my senses I felt a bit relieved that I was ‘punished’ and now me and the TTC were even. Just as I was ready to put in another token (which would pay for the previous free ride and clear my conscious) the lady who was observing the whole scene behind me said I should check the “hole” in the machine to see if I can retrieve my token. And … Surprise! There is not one but two tokens. Another free ride? … To be continued?

PS. Naturally being a good girl, I offered the tokens to the lady because the “hole” idea was hers, but she said I should keep them.


November 30, 2004

Olya’s debate of the day … Consider these two statements:
Y: I have nothing to do, so I take a break
X: I take a break because I have nothing to do;

Same thing? I say no!

Statement Y could well imply that you're lazy ... you have nothing to do and you're not looking for anything to do. For example, at certain time at work you have nothing to do; so you take a break and go talk to your co-workers.

Statement X could well imply that you were doing something and got tired (or bored) of it and don’t want to do it anymore; thus you take a break; however, I rule out this possibility because the second part of the statement says "I have nothing to do"; that implies that whatever you were doing is done, ie you're finished and have nothing left to do!

Let ‘a’ = “I take a break” and ‘b’ = “I have nothing to do”. Both parts a and b have the same meaning on its own in statement X and Y; but when placed in certain sequence as in 'a' comes before 'b' or 'b' comes before 'a' they produce a different meaning. For example, it’s like saying: “Today, I jogged and took a shower”. Jogging first and then taking a shower is not the same as showering and then jogging.

Still think the two statements are the same? So where's the hole? Challenge me! ;)


November 27, 2004

Enjoying my first "free" weekend, after all that has been said and done. What an exciting three weeks of 'adventure'! I can finally relax and look around ... what do I see?

My room is a mess; my mind was at work.
“ Olya was busy,” I say with a smirk.
The papers, the clothes, the books and the dust
… .are all on the floor;
Chocolate wrappers, pop cans and bits of pizza’s crust…
… man! I should lock that door!
… and let no one in.

Then my light bulb goes off and I have a desire -
A handy man, like Mr. Clean to acquire.
Or, maybe a husband who’ll cook and clean,
If there’s such a man in this world, will his heart I win?

I put on my favourite shirt, and go for a drive
On empty streets, enjoying my life.
It’s dark outside, everyone’s home
My music is blasting and I’m all alone.

I’m checking out the Christmas decors on the streets
Santa is coming, but I’m not looking forward to this.
Nevertheless, as I put my lights on high beams,
I secretly wonder if Santa will bring me the boy of my dreams.

November 25, 2004

Oops, I did it again! I won!! … Played @ the Toronto Chess Open , last weekend. Had the times of my life!


November 15, 2004

I thought this day would never come and when it came, I thought it would never end!

For the past 2 weeks I’ve been plugging my way through this CSC textbook just so that I can toss it away as far as I can after the exam and …….TA-DAAAAM!! Open a chess book for the first time in 3 and a half years! That’s how long it has been since I’ve played, analyzed, read, talked, lived, and breathed … chess. The moment has come and it feels just right! Oh, I do have a good reason for staying away from the game for so long, just as good a reason for coming back to it (maybe I’ll write about it later).

I felt it 2 weeks ago, as soon as I decided to write my CSC exam on the 15th (ie today). The desire to play just wrapped and almost paralyzed me completely from head to tow. I could barely think CSC; my mind was just going over and over my past chess experiences, all the competitions, all the people, victories, defeats, everything about chess. I missed the feeling of competition; feeling adrenaline pump; watching the blood rush to the opponents face and his hair stand on end (that doesn’t happen to girls though) as s/he realizes his/her defeat; feeling like one minute it’s 30 degrees Fahrenheit and the next Celsius; feeling like winner, feeling like a complete loser. … The exam just became #2 priority, although miraculously I somehow managed to stay way from the chessboard (I’m strong! *sigh*…).

Then!... Yesterday, as I ate my lunch I stared at this chess position that my mom left on the table (that’s usual after her chess lessons) and ….Oh My God…. I imagined this wild, criminal story the key to which was that very same chess position (I can’t tell you what it is yet and perhaps I never will; it’s just too erotically crazy). It was something about the location of each chess piece and their unusual “harmony” that made my imagination go wild. All of this, in less than 30 seconds and my heart is pounding like a bomb. The CSC exam is no longer #2 priority (but #3); playing chess is no longer #1 (but #2); writing a detective story is #1!

I had to eat some chocolate and calm down; regain my senses and think rationally.

Half an hour later, I was ok. Totally concentrating on my exam prep and leaving the chess stuff aside. … this story I will never write about; it’s too insane; but nevertheless, I want to publish an article (nothing about criminality though) revolving around this chess position. I’ve never read anything of a sort (ie what I have on my mind) and I accept that perhaps it’s just a waste of time, but I want to do it anyway, for En Passant, or perhaps other chess magazine. The first (and last) time that I submitted my annotated chess game to the En Passant, however, it was so courteously “edited” that there was no trace of me left in the comments. So what was the point? Nevertheless, it was published "Voila" so that you can read and enjoy it at your pleasure ;)

Anyway, back to the beginning. “The day has come, the moment is right”. As I finished my exam at 11 am, I rushed to work (which unfortunately only took 1 minute since the exam building is right by my work. I wish it had taken longer so that I could relax un peu). …and from there, the day went by in ‘extreme slow agony’ (although it was just an ordinary good day that I tend to enjoy very much at any other times but not after exam!). At 6:45 I finally get on the subway to go home and TA-DAAAAM!!! I open my chess book and read and play and finally …. breath …. (didn’t need a chessboards cause it’s been long ago formulated in my mind).

Now, looking at this huge Blah that barely makes any sense, I wonder if my brain has the slighted chance of producing a train of thought that will actually generate some kind of meaning. If so, and if my brain power doesn’t decrease to complete zero, I will enter into a competition this weekend! … “because my heart can’t take it anymore”



October 17, 2004

Life has gotten too exciting ….. perfect job, interesting people, new friendships, new home, CSC, parties, restaurants, …..

I love working at TD Securities. Fast-paced, lot’s to learn, fun! I was quite surprised that most of the people I’m working with are so young … and on top of that are incredibly good looking and intelligent! I’m so glad I’ll be staying there till May (doing double work term). This leaves me with summer joy at Waterloo! How much more perfect could it get?

I’ve been meeting all these people in their mid twenties, lately … it’s so interesting because this is where I’m heading next! Self-actualization, ambitions, elegance, complete independence, triumphs and falls -> in short, a whole new world. (for a moment, I can’t picture myself going back to UW and studying with 20 year old kids once again …. But only for a moment …. a looong moment…..)

To add to the excitement, I enrolled myself in CSC (Canadian Securities Course) which goes so well with what I’m doing at TD. I’m learning all about financial products and the job just makes more sense. In November, I’m planning to write my first CSC exam. Ooo! Gotta get my nose in the books!

Meanwhile, I’m exploring downtown … restaurants, shops, bars, businessmen …

Life is a party!

August 13, 2004

Wohoo! I'm back in GTA!! Had a fantastic summer term and went through all the highs and lows. I live in Scarborough now, in our new home. Come for a visit! :) … After going through 12 wicked interviews, I finally got a job, in Toronto. So, I’ll be around till January. Can’t wait to see you all again!!!