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Premier Amore

Part I

He was walking along the street with his pals
She was standing on the balcony surrounded by gals.
He was thirteen, sly, handsome, ambitious
She was a year younger, good looking, delicious.
The boy and the girl just became adolescent
With vanishing, childish traits still being present.

He and his pals were native Bulgarian
She and her gals were Russian/Ukrainian.
Both groups were on holidays, enjoying Black Sea,
Bulgarian beaches, clubs, cherries and tea.

The way both groups met could me guessed from the start
Like for many teens, it all began with a fight.
The girls poured water over guys’ heads and then giggled
In return stones were thrown, but attraction was triggered.

In this cluttered fuss and a mini World War III
She saw his blue eyes, got tingled sensation, and so did he.
Their eyes met and everything ceased to exist
There was only him and her, as if in a cloud of mist.
Then back to reality the love birds were brought
But they were no longer the same, who would have thought?
It wasn’t just passion or love, it was something more
It wasn’t a wicked desire; it was their ‘premier amore’.
First love that would be never forgotten
Even the day when everything falls, when everything’s rotten.
It would flourish and thrive like a dominant flower
Every day with more beauty, aroma and power.
But how did she know that this feeling was true?
It was his wink that confirmed that he felt this way too.

All the girls fell for him as if they were bees
Attacking the only flower on earth that there exists.
But she quickly emerged as the Queen, competition was won
They were not a match to her; their hearts were torn.

Part II

Next day girls and guys met again and made peace
New friendships were formed, new sensations, new bliss.
Him and Her, pretended that nothing had happened last day
But the truth was – they were craving each other; dying to get away.
There were too many friends in that room, they seemed suspicious
About him and her; their first love, attraction, desire … wishes.

Finally the love birds had managed to get away from their friends
But their different languages caused a problem, so they just sat and held hands.
Yet they needed no words … why break the silence, the thrill?
Their eyes, lips and hands did the talk; it was magical and yet it was real.

Then she went on the swing and he pushed her softly and gently
It became their routine; they went over it many times … mentally.
He wanted to be the wind to breeze through her hair, to kiss her face
It was her charming “stop pushing me” that fascinated him; it was her grace.
She swung up and down; she was seen from all angles and sides
Lots of mornings went by like this, lots of days, lots of nights.

They sat on a bench on one quiet afternoon
Enjoying the freedom from friends, viewing the moon.
He put her arm around her shoulder as if for the last time
The look on his face said “You belong to me. You are mine.”
Her feelings for him were intensifying and so were his
They looked at each other and longed for their first kiss.
His face was approaching hers, their lips almost touching
They were both ready for this, their hearts were matching.
But then out of the blue, his pal appeared and broiled
And then his whole troop came out of the bushes … the moment was spoiled.

Our love birds were young at the time; they were shy.
Opinion of others mattered to them and that explains why.
Why they felt uncomfy in the presence of others
Why they tried to hide their feelings, especially from their mothers.
Why it was hard for them to express their love
Why they were afraid that their friends would point fingers at them and then laugh.

Many years later this state of mind had left them without a trace
But at that time this was not the case.

Part III

One beautiful evening he asked her to come to the dance
She got so excited yet nervous; she almost peed in her pants.
I said “almost”.
The amorous stars were languidly making their way through the sky
To light up the twilight, to wink at our love birds, and let go a big sigh
But they did not know that he asked her to dance
Or they would have hurried to embellish this wild romance.

Nevertheless, she refused. She thought of one more forthcoming humiliation
Everyone would be there; why go through another embarrassing situation?
However, he begged her to come and then stood on his knees
How could she refuse? Besides, the place would be perfect for their first kiss.
And so she said ‘yes’.

The night came. She was sparkling and flittering
Like a butterfly … in her short, yellow dress … she was glittering.
Time to go to the club…

He was already there; impatiently waiting for her and observing the clock
But something was up and felt strange … I think it was his cock.
Yes, yes. Despite the dark night, his rooster wasn’t asleep
It also wanted to ‘dance’, but was afraid that the chicks would brake his rib.
These kinds of thoughts had ran through his head
This passage of time was unbearable; he was going mad.
And then he spotted angles on the dance floor
Looked up and saw a lightening and then an open door
Bright light came through it and blinded him
There was too much smoke in the room, too much gleam.
Slowly he managed to open his eyes … “Oh Lord, she arrived!”
The battle was over, our hero he survived!

To Be Continued....



This is a true story. It did not happen to a friend of a friend of mine, but to someone I know.