April 11, 2004

Trip to NY
What did I like the most
From this trip in New York?
Refreshing wind and melting frost
Or Alla’s sleeves covered in yolk? [hehehe]
Statue of Liberty or the Central Park?
The view of Broadway Bridge all light up in the dark?
The pain and sorrow of the place
Where deceased twin towers once embraced
The famous Wall Street or the stock market Bull
That makes you hope your stock won’t go down to null
The hip-hop dancers entertaining the crowd
Or just the music that they play so loud
The weird strangers that are mumbling something to themselves
Or just some people that look like giants or the elves
The fact that traffic rules are disobeyed by almost everyone
Or just the fact that all of these things make NY city so much fun
One thing I know I liked that best -
Beating US men in game of chess

(April 11, 2004)

On Tuesday April 6th, I’m sitting innocently in my room doing work; my mom pops up and says “Florida or New York?” I say “Toronto!”. No, Florida or New York were my only choices and New York it was, just like that! I’m still not sure what exactly happened there, but off we went.

I love New York! It’s an amazing city. Gorgeous. Its’ sky-bathing buildings, bridges, parks, streets and most remarkable - history behind it all. Each day, the first half was spent visiting various places – Brooklin Bridge, Metropolitan Museum, Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Wall Street. We’ve spent a lot of time walking downtown – siteseeing. Some parts of NY were like Toronto and Montreal, but mostly it was NY :) The second half wansn’t as exciting for me cause I had to stay at the hotel fighting the flu, while my family enjoyed the night-time NY. Surprisingly, I had fun being alone at the hotel, with myself.

The place where World Trade Centre used to be was quite heartbreaking. I think grief was in the air. … The Liberty Island, where the Statue of Liberty is located felt patriotic. I felt very proud for Americans and I think that was the moment I fell in love with NY. That love was proved in Central Park which I had no desire to leave. I just love that park! One of the first things I saw there was chess and checkers place. Wahoo! How could I resist it. I went there and asked if I could play with some of the players. Instatnly I got a cheerleader. “A girl wants to play chess?? Wow, that’s rare here” … OK whatever … The first man I played was like “do you know how to play with clock?” –“yeah” and another observer was giggling “maybe you should show her what ‘en passant’ is, hehehe”. [I’ll show them what ‘en passant’ is!] We began to play blitz (6 minutes each) and my opponent was singing his heart out. In the middle of the game he stopped singing. It was my turn to sing – lalala I won. I admit he was a good player though. The second game I played with the “owner” of the board. I won. The third game was close. It was a complete positional draw. I glance at the clock. 1 minute 20 secs left for me and my opponent has 2 minutes 40 secs. I stop chewing my gum; feel the tention; feel my heart beat. Few moves later …. I blunder … and lose :( …. oh well. I want a rematch but my family “doesn’t have all night to wait”. And so I’m dragged out of there. Oh, if only I could stay and play chess all night …… Then we’ve seen the rest of the chess, euh, I mean park. Beautiful!!! But my thoughts stayed with the chess players. …. And to finish it up, we got to ride a limo next day to the airport. Neat!

Stock Market Bull

Tragic place of World Trade Center

View from Brooklin Bridge

View from Central Park - My favourite park!


Central Park - it's huge!

Again Central Park - I love these kind of places! so romantic!

Wall Street

View from Liberty Island


Thoughts in New York
I’m here alone in bed; Holiday Inn, New York
Recovering from flu, from stress of work
Rain’s gently tapping on my window; silence’s all around me
And it’s him I’m thinking of, not Statue of Liberty

Chocolate’s melting in my mouth
It’s bitter-sweet just like he is
Wind is blowing from the south
Comforting just like a smile of his.

And then I wonder
How could he strike my world as unexpected thunder?
How just one look at him makes me believe
How wonderful friendship can be even when it’s brief.

What made me feel this way? His eyes or smile?
I think I caught his sparkle that set me on fire!
When I’m with him I want to run, laugh, jump, hold hands
Oh, please don’t tell me ‘men and women can’t be friends’

And if our roads will never cross again
It is OK
The memories of the good times I had with him will still remain
And fuel up this unpredictable decade.

(April 8, 2004)


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