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NOTE: I mostly use this page as a diary and will not put some personal information that I don’t want other people to read. Hence, some of the things I’m referring to are “hidden” and some blogs will make little/no sense to anyone but me (and people I’m closest with).

April 18, 2007

I want to write a book. A creative non-fiction, the subject of which will remain a mystery until the book is published.

What have I done so far to write it? I laid down the ideas and sub-topics. I consulted with family and some friends about what they think. The feedback was positive and that is the only positive thing that I have so far with respect to writing. It will take a long time to write a book – precious time that business professionals no longer have these days. Plus, I'm a mathematician/business woman and not a writer … but only by profession. I want to write. I have passion for it, I write all the time, so how does that not make me a writer? Relevant education? No problem, I will read the necessary books on writing and take the necessary courses if I have to. This is what I'm doing right now with whatever time I have left on my hands. Oh scarce time! I wish I had a magic palochka to slow it down, to freeze it still, to replenish it, to make the most out of it … Something has to be done!

Nothing will stop me from writing my book. I've made up my mind – the challenge is on.

If you are reading this and you have any tips on writing, editing and getting a book published, please let me know.


Three important events are happening in the next two months. I need to walk down the aisle my friend Anyu who nominated me as her Maid of Honour. The dresses are ready. The shoes are set. The speech is … needs some editing. Moral support available 24/7. Excitement is on!

Oana, my high-school/university friend is also walking down the bridal path this May. I sincerely wish the two girls happiness and love. I can't believe all of this is happening so quickly! Before I know it will be my turn as well! Before we know it, it will be ….. What did I say about the elapsing time in the above paragraph?

And lastly, I must get my G license this June, so watch out for Olie-the-racer on the road!

Is life not exhilarating!?

April 8, 2007

Itís been 4 month since Iíve graduated from Waterloo. I thought that once I start working Iíll have more free time on my hands, but it turned out that it isnít so. I guess I canít sit still. I involve myself into all these activities and then start feeling like Iím drifting away. I guess at some point in life the statement: ďthe more activities you involve yourself in the betterĒ does not hold true anymore. But I donít think Iíve reached that point yet, did I? Something to think about. Some people told me Iím being too hard on myself Ė I should take it easy. But what does it mean to ďtake it easyĒ? I canít just sit in my room and do nothing. I want to shoot for the stars, I want to make the most out of my life! Is this what it takes?


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