Me, Alla and Mama


Kledja - my dearest amica

@ Silver Spur,- celebrating Mehran's Birthday :)

Chris, me and Mehran - Water Water Water -Loo Loo Loo!!!

Alright, these above will have to grow upwards from this point on;

these below can hang downwards in time, like leaves on a tree :)

My favourite group of 4 - Henry, Jess, me and Danlin

Ksenya, Kledja and me

Leo, Jess, me, Danlin and Henry ... Badminton rules!

Ian, Milson, Henry, me, Jess and Danlin ... Henry and Danlin - you were great!

Amra, me and Sanja

Maja - my roomate in first year of Waterloo. Every guy loves Maja!

Me and "Leafs lover" Cameron


Lex - The Multisexus

Mihai - my ... hmm ... friend

Oana - The Math Genious

Nastya - my best friend in Russia ... I miss her so much!

Amra, Anyu, me and Kledja :) :) :)



Evan - the sweet guy from UW ... I know what runs in his family! ;)


Once upon a time there was Evan. Then came along Pete. Now I have double fun! ;)

Peggy - my extremely talented, lazy friend from UW

Me and Lu :)


Jess, me, Danlin, Ian, Milson - chinese reunion! yey! :P

Evan and moi, aha!

Who said we "look so sweet"???

No, no and noooooo!!! oh this is Dan by the way ;) heehee

I can't believe my mom made the men of my B-day party belly-dance. I did feel kinda sorry for you guys, but you've gotta entertain who you've got to entertian ;) ...hee-ya! oh yes!


My favourite Ladies :) ... Love you mucho!


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