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What a gorgeous Thanksgiving Weekend trip. I thank Autumn for its glorious beauty! ... Here is our journey:

I'm the designated driver of coz!

Ok, time for a .....

Wheeeee! This is a happy place to be!

Break at the lake


We found a dead fish :'( ... Big Fish for a small river!

Time for some Tae-Jie ...

...and ballet ....

...and finger ... (to all men who lie)

...heh, Mustafa actually thinks he can hide what I have to express

Yeah! Don't mess with me! *kar kar*?

feuf, time to relax


How could I miss my chance .... Jordan? (one day I will fall in love with a real man)

Valley ... just like in BC ... only I'm older

The beauty of nature itself!


The colors are magnificant!! I will paint this.

My favourite picture of the Love-Birds ;) *chmock chmock* (I do peek sometimes you know heu-heu)

By the end of the journey, it was getting dark ... and cold ... and of course we got lost! ... then we saw a couple and mom was like "People!? ... People!!!!! ..." and we were saved! :D

*Thank you Mom and Alla. I love you!*

Aux arbres mouillés de septembre
À leur soleil de souvenir
À ces mots doux, à ces mots tendres
Que je t`ai entendu me dire
À la faveur d`un chemin creux
Ou d`une bougie allumée
Adieu à ce qui fut nous deux
À la passion du verbe aimer