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Dominican Republic, August 2005

It all begins here .... first thing - run to the beach!!

Et voila! ... clean beach, warm water, no jelly-fish!

Enjoying the beautiful night sky & fresh breath from the ocean

During the Safari tour... I'm holding a cock that as soon as I put down will fight (to death) with his rival - another cock ...

...luckily both cocks are wearing boxing gloves and the injuries sustained are insignificant ....

I'm stil not sure why the tour is called Safari. We saw no animals other than these two cocks and horses and snakes. The tour was about visiting the country side of D.R. - the sugar cane, the sigar factory, Maria's house (Maria is a local citizen who shows her house to the tourists ... we get to see how Dominicans live) and the hourse ride on the beach - one of the most romantic things.

...and here I am ...

@ Maria's House

Wildy - the Vitamina guy ie, the natural Viagra source for your pleasure! ... ok not real Viagra, but local drink called Mamahuanna ... I had soo muccchh..... :P

Visiting other resorts - Riu. Some very nice places

Hola! :)

In Japanese restaurant. Oh man, we ate so much all day long ... how could we miss out on all the restaurants that are offered? ... yum yum! aaahhhh


and lastly - I'm wearing .... sand!


Great Trip! I think I finally learned what the word "relax" truly means.

Beach. Sunshine. Palm Trees.
I wish you were here me.
Rum. Ocean breath. Happy couples
All make me wonder if we’re meant to be.
Samba. Salsa. Bachatta.
I put on my fancy skirt.
Left, right, left … Viva Porte Plata!
Too bad this vacation’s too short.