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Crystal Leaf Ball 2005

Hot! … *HOT* couples! Crystal Ball 2005 was inhabited by beautiful, energetic, talented dance couples competing for the first prize on the international level … Samba, Mamba, Cha-Cha, Rumba, Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Quick-Step, Foxtrot, Tango (oh Tango!)… so many pairs dressed in glamorous costumes exposing their beautiful, flexible bodies dancing all over the stage at the same time … my head was spinning.

Some of the categories included Junior, Amateur & Senior International Style Open, Under 21 International Style Open, Professional International Style Rising Star and many more.

The performance I most enjoyed was that Under 21. These youngsters were just kicking it! Their levels of energy and enthusiasm had no limits. They were coming and going on and off stage since 7pm and at 11:30pm as I exhaustedly readjusted myself on the chair trying to stay awake (mind you I got dizzy after 1 hour of just sitting and watching the competition) they were still going at it with the vigor as if the competition had just begun. Bravo!

Since the couples were repeating some of their dances over and over (I’m not sure why but I think it’s because each judge could see each performance, more or less, since they were all dancing at the same time) I started to distinguish the excellent from the brilliant. At first, they were all brilliant to me, but then I noticed that some had more precise and well-defined movements than others, were more artistic, or simply more charming.

I thought that was the 'move of the night'. This little girl is amazing!

I was struck by some of the couples’ facial expressions, especially from the couple from Toronto that won World Youth Championship. With every beat of the music and every movement they made, I could ‘read’ (on their face alone!) what it was all about – whether it was passion (oh boy!), seduction, love, playfulness, flirtation, hope … it was incredible! I would have never thought that dancers could do that so well! *Professional*! … This couple, naturally, won 1st place in their category.

Another couple that caught my attention was the Russian couple, who came in 2nd. “Go Anton! … Anton!! GO ANTON!!” people were shouting from the audience here and there, and mind you half of the audience was Russian. This couple was also brilliant and they looked very charming together! Oh nostalgia ……

The lady in red was really good. She and her husband are Canadian Ballroom dance champions.

I didn’t enjoy watching the older couples as much. For once, they danced less energetic ballroom dances (and I’m into fast-paced dancing) and they didn’t seem to put much emotion and their characters into it. One couple that was dancing Waltz (“dancing” …I thought there slowly but surely walking in circles) was just smoothly floating around, taking up the space and bumping into other dancers from time to time (oh that happened quite a few times in each category). They belonged to the category of “Professional and the student” or something like that (a real category and not merely my impression). But in the end I thought they were sweet.


The first place went to the World Youth Champions. In second is my favourite Russian couple.