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What she/he Think About u

What she/he  thinks about you


What she/he  thinks about you

in the office

 The family picture is on his desk:

  • Ah, solid, responsible family man

The family picture is on her desk:

  • Her family will come before her career


His desk is cluttered:

  • He's obviously a hard worker and busy man

Her desk is cluttered:

  • She's obviously a disorganised scatterbrain


He is talking with his co-workers:

  • He must be discussing the latest deal

She is talking with her co-workers:

  • She must be gossiping


He's not at his desk:

  • He must be in the meeting

She's not at her desk:

  • She must be in the ladies' room


He's not in the office:

  • He's meeting customers

She's not in the office:

  • She must be out shopping


He's having lunch with the boss:

  • He's on the way up

She's having lunch with the boss:

  • They must be having an affair


The boss criticised Him:

  • He'll improve his performance

The boss criticised Her:

  • She'll be very upset


 He got an unfair deal:

  • Did he get worried?

She got an unfair deal:

  • Did she cry?


He's getting married:

  • He'll get more settled

She's getting married:

  • She'll get pregnant and leave


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