About me

  General Information :  
  Nick Name None
  First Name Awais
  Father Name Khalid
  Sir Name Malik
  Age 20
  Gender Male
  Marital Status Single
  Country Pakistan
  City Karachi
  Religion Islam / Muslim
  Occupation Doing B.Com (Final), D.I.T, Hardware, Graphics, MultiMedia.
  Horoscope Libra
  Date Of Birth 25 September
  Hobbies :  
  Sports Cricket, Table Tennis, Tennis, Swimming, Football......
  Interest In Working on computer, Different softwares, Working in Multimedia, Create new web sides,
    Weight lefting, Making new friends (Friendly), Go to Picnic etc.
  Chat Msn Messeger, Yahoo Messenger (when i have time), MIRC(when i have time).
Entertainment Watch TV, Movies, Wrestling, Listening to music (Prefer to Sad).
  Favorite Things:  
Red & Black                    
  Flower Rose, Tulip
  Favorite Foods :  
  Burger Chicken burger & Beef burger.
  Pizza Tikka.
  Rice Biryaani
Others Chips etc.
  Favorite Drinks:  
  Hot Tea & Coffee.
Cold Coke, Tang (Orange), Mango & Banana MilkShake.
  Sweets :  
  Ice Cream Pine apple, chocolate chips, Mango......
  Chocolate Mars, Twix, Bounty, etc.
Others Custard, Mithai.....
  Favorite Singer :  
  Pop Pakistani: Strings, Sajjad Ali, Shafqat Amaanat Ali (Fuzon Band), Faakhair, Humaira Arshad
                    Saraab, Rahim Shah.
    Indian: Sonu Niggam, Kumar Sano, Aalka
Classical Shafqat Amaanat Ali (Fuzon Band), Sajjad Ali.
  About Nature: I am Friendly, helpful, & reliable person. I like to meet very people. I like to make new friends
    (Prefer to Friendly, Good Looking, Simplest & Jolly Persons). I don't like selfish, hoodwink & lier people. I like to makeing new web site working in Multimedia.In future i want to be a web desginer and graphic desginer or accountant. If you have any problem in Graphics, Computer, Multimedia any thing related to computer or if ou need any software Graphic, web desging , Flash, 3d etc or Serial or Cracks mail me on my account i give you the solution of your problem as soon as possible.







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