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Wolf Scout Example Activities





05/17/99 Den Bobcat test for all requirements all
09/24/99 Pack Wolf Kickoff
10/05/99 Den Bobcat review and new wolf 1a, 2a
10/12/99 Den Bobcat review and new wolf 1b,f,i
10/19/99 Den Wolf 1c,d,e; 2e; 5a
10/26/99 Pack
11/09/99 Den Wolf 6a,b; 7a,b,e
11/16/99 Den Field Trip to Koogler Suburban 7b
11/23/99 Den Wolf 5b,c,d
11/30/99 Pack Wolf
12/07/99 Den Wolf 5e
12/08/99 Den Field Trip to Greene Co. Jail
12/14/99 Pack Received pinewood derby cars
01/08/00 PWD Weigh in and trial run Elective 5g
01/11/00 Den Ethics in Action - 1 - Friends
01/18/00 Den Last Den Achievement (rest at home) 12 a,b,c,d
Begin arrow points Electives 1c,d
01/25/00 Pack
02/01/00 Den 10 a for some, made game, started scene Electives 4c, 2b
02/08/00 Den finish scene, do place mats Electives 12f, 2b, 4a
02/15/00 Den Boonshoft Museum of Discovery
02/18/00 Pack Blue & Gold Banquet!!!
03/14/00 Den decoding messages, tee pee construction Electives 1a, 10e
03/25/00 Pack Bike Trail or Beaver Day World Conservation Project
03/28/00 Pack Pack meeting
04/04/00 Den Field Trip to AF Museum
04/11/00 Den Tieing and Star Spangled Banner Electives 17a-f, 12b
05/16/00 Den Pizza and bowling
05/20/00 Den Service project for main elementary Electives 8b, WCA project
05/23/00 Pack