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Sgt. Jason Steven DeMars

U.S Marine

C553's Fall 2006 Assignments

Chapter 1

Tutorial 1

Review 1

Case 3

Chapter 2

Tutorial 2

Review 2

Case 3

Chapter 3

Tutorial 3

Review 3

Case 3

Chapter 4

Tutorial 4

Tutorial 4· additional Preformatted Text exp

Review 4


Chapter 5

Tutorial 5

Tutorial 5 additional Inline frame

Review 5

Case 5

Chapter 6

Tutorial 6

Review 6

Case 6

Chapter 7

Tutorial 7 ·fig. 7-51

Tutorial 7·fig. 7-54

Tutorial 7·fig. 7-67

Review 7

Case 7

Chapter 8

Tutorial 8

Tutorial 8 ·fig. 8-23

Review 8

Case 8

Chapter 9

Tutorial 9

Review 9

Case 9

Chapter 10

Tutorial 10

Review 10

Case 10

Comments I just got the site(http://www( done and actually looking correct. Also I wanted to do some extra credit if I can still get credit. I was up all night firguring out how to ftp load on to the server then redoing all on my links and externel file a few times linking etc etc. Also I had a question -Is a image map scallable with all of the overlays on it scallable as well? -And I was also wondering what is the format for grouping keywords together for phases to increase site rankings? Web Site link Things to know I have a table on the classes.htm I have a image map on the index.htm page My links.htm page is XML trans. valid I have a iframe in biography.htm I have pictures and video on the site. My javascript is on the index page. The site is non visual cap. Working on now

Chapter 11

Tutorial 11

Review 11

Case 11

Chapter 12

Tutorial 12

Review 12

Case 12