Davis - Yancey connections

possible Welsh connections among the early Yanceys

Note:  The Davis name was a very common surname in Wales and even in England
One should not assume that just because two people both carried the surname Davis
that they were therefore closely related.

[ Davis Name Origin Info ]

1698? Colonial Virginia Lewis DAVIS Yancey apparently born in Virginia - naming patterns imply he most probably was name after some ancestor or close relative [more details]  
1704 King William County, Virginia On the Quit Rent Rolls of  King William County Virginia

Lewis Davis - 200 acres
John Davis - 200 acres
Henry Davis - 200 acres
Charles Yancey - 100 acres

[more details]  
1704 New Kent County, Virginia  (right next  to King William County) - both interior rural counties of Virginia - sparsely populated. David Crawford Sr - 300 acres
David Carwford Jr - 400 acres
Jeremiah Dumas - 250 acres
Robert Jennings - 100 acres
John Lewis - 2600 acres
John Kembro - 540 acres
James Nucholl - 300 acres
Benjamin Harris - 100 acres
All these families are known to have close connection with the Yanceys of the area.  
1740 Virginia Betty Yancey marries Edward Fielding Davis - son of Thomas Davis & Sarah Fielding [ Family Data ]  
1747 Louisa County, Virginia Lewis Davis dies without making a will - record mention wife Mary    
abt 1750 Colonial Virginia William Yancey marries Sophia Davis [ Family Data ]  
1761 Granville County, North Carolina (which borders Virginia) Richard Davis dies - mentions daughter Sophia Yancey [ Richard Davis Will ]  
1772 Louisa County, Virginia William & Dickie Davis recorded as orphans of John Davis - guardianship to samuel & Susana Davis.
1778 Louisa County, Virginia John Davis - died while in service of "Continental Army" - left wife Ann and two small children  in poor conditions.


Other Welsh Families of interest that came to Virginia in the late 1600's or early 1700's


Dabney Family with welsh and French connections


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Evan Davis - ancestor of Confederate Jefferson Davis


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William Davis - arrived in America in 1684 from Wales


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Welsh Davis Family of early 1700's of Virginia


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Welsh Evans Family - note Yancey-Evans Connections


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David Evans - came in 1699 from Wales


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Lacy Family with French/Welsh connections


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Lewis Family came to Virginia in 1692 from Wales
settling in King William County area that later became Hanover.


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Nicholas Meriwether - settled in New Kent/Hanover areaa in Virginia. ancestor of Meriwether Lewis - explorer.


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[ Meriwether Lewis ]

Winston Family Brothers from Wales abt 1687
settled in Hanover County area of Virginia


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