Old Yancey Family Photos received from Freda Tucker / Nancy Bollinger

On the back of this photo (in pencil) is written "Robert Jennings Yancey".

      I have attached a photo which was taken by C. R. Yancey,
The photographer's stamp is on the back of the photo.  This photo was in possession of my great-great grandmother Mary Lillie Effie
(Williams) Yancey, 1874-1951.  This photo we believe was taken around 1890-1900. 
It is a process that was explained to us as being ink brushing. 

The photos taken by C.R. Yancey which are ink brushings, were not in the possession of my g.g. grandmother, but instead were found in a box of photos that were in my grandmother's attic. These photos were not my grandmothers, but had been in her attic for at least 24 years.  Many of the photos that mom found in the attic have been identified as Yancey family members including a wedding photograph of Richard and Lola (Tinker) Yancey.  It is believed that when some of the Yancey family moved to the Oakland California area that they handed over the photos to either the Barrow or Kelly families for safekeeping. 



This photo is believed to be Joel A. Yancey, (13 Aug 1830 -- 07 Aug 1907)
First married to Alice Q. Tayor then to Lillie Effie (Williams).


Seated:   Believed to be William Lowins Yancey (Born 1872 in Wayne County, MO -- Died 1912 in Harrison Co., MS)
(Standing on left:  Jesse Burton Yancey  (Born 1874 in Wayne Co., MO.  -- Died 1949 in Jefferson Co., TX)
(Standing on right:  Lawrence Ross Yancey  (Born 1875 at Greenville in Wayne  County, MO -- Died 1961 in China, TX)
                                           (These fellows are the sons of Joel A. Yancey (1830 -- 1907) and Alice Q. Taylor.

Believed to be Margaret Virginia (Yancey) Bailey but not positively identified.
(Daughters of Joel A. Yancey & Alice Q. Taylor)
[ DJY:  sure seems to have a similar face as to Effie Williams below . . .]

      Here is the final photo for now.  It is a photo of Mary Lillie Effie
(Williams) Yancey 1874-1951.  This is my great-great grandmother.  Wife of Joel Yancey 1830-1907.

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