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Atari XE GS

See below for specifications and information on this system.

Specifications and information

Introduced: 1987
CPU: 6502C, 1.79 MHz
Memory: 64K RAM, 24K ROM
Operating System: XL Operating System
Input/Output: Cartridge Port, two joystick ports, composite video output, serial bus connector for floppy drive or printer
Resolution: 320x192 max, up to 256 colors, 40x24 text
Bus: Atari serial bus
Other Items in Collection: XF551 Floppy Drive, Power Supply
Items Needed: Operating System versions

The Atari XE Game System was virtually identical to the Atari 65XE computer. Only the marketing was different. Early versions of the XEGS shipped without a keyboard; the keyboard was available separately. Later, the system was bundled with a keyboard.

There are frequent arguments between Atari afficionados as to why Atari marketed the XEGS and 65XE separately.

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