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Commodore Amiga 1000

See below for specifications and information on this system.

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Specifications and information

Introduced: Announced July 1985
Original Price:  
CPU: Motorola 68000
Memory: 512K RAM
Operating System: Amiga DOS
Input/Output: Separate keyboard; built-in 3.5" floppy drive; memory expansion port; serial port; composite video out; RGB monitor out
Resolution: Various, up to 4096 colors
Bus: Amiga bus
Other Items in Collection: Amiga DOS, various software; Commodore 1084S RGB monitor with sound; documentation; 5.25" external floppy disk drive
Items Needed: Memory expansion port cover

Commodore purchased Amiga Corporation in August of 1984, less than a year before the release of the first Amiga computer, the Amiga 1000.

The Amiga 1000 was actually the first Amiga model, despite its numerical designation. It was followed by the one-piece Amiga 500.

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