Doom Squade is a Counter-strike 1.6 clan and a former Ghost Recon clan that began in September of 2004. We consider our a clan a "small community" of players who like to play the game for fun. If your new to our clan/community please check out some of our rules and read stuff around the site to learn more.


Welcome to the our server page here you can view all the details about our servers and there current set up. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the servers comment on the shoutbox.

24/7 Assault
Location: Karachi,Pakistan
Slots: 20 Players Maximum
Map Time Limit: Unlimited
Friendly fire: Off
Auto team balance: On
Round time: 2 minutes
Map rotation: de_dust2 / de_nuke / de_inferno
Banned weapons: ---

Server Rules

No excessive camping at one spot.
No hacking, glitching, or exploiting you'll be banned without warning!
We don't do admin abuse here so if you've had bad experiences please resport it on our site.
And last but certainly not least have fun in our server thats its main purpose.

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