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PSP-3000 - PSP - Gaming - Discussion Forum /// Eurogamer - Games Reviews, News and More Forgotten? Register  Forum Jump to navigation Discussion Forum Gaming PSP PSP-3000 "PSP-3000" PSP Search the forum: Search in titles all Back to PSP + log in to reply Poster Message seasidebaz 16 Aug '08 11:10:57 OK, the FCC confidentiality agreement on the PSP3001 external appearance photos runs out in 3-4 days (well, definately less than 5...) so we should hopefully see some math game websites leaked photos of the new model by then. It should also mean that Gunz The Game Hacks the list of bundled peripherals and user manual will be up as well... send message | log family feud game online in to reply! Ryze 16 Aug '08 11:30:34 I'll buy a second PSP once I can pick one Flyers Hockey Game Three Players Left up clue game arena for less than 70-80 second hand, I think. One with diagonals that work properly too - so no launch models... send message | log in to reply! Widge 20 Aug '08 13:44:01 I wish I had one that had a video out :( send message | log in to reply! seasidebaz 20 Aug '08 14:04:18 Confidentiality agreement runs out TOMORROW Let's see some shots the guy game already ;) send video game reviews message | log in to reply! frod [frod] 20 Aug '08 14:08:00 and a Sony conference tonight at 6pm... free video game wallpaper how convenient. send message | log in to make jeopardy game reply! Widge 20 Aug '08 15:44:57 I would get a 2nd PSP if it output games via any output, not just component send message | log in to reply! frod [frod] 20 Aug '08 15:45:59 then hack a slim & light send message | log in to reply! Kay 20 Aug '08 15:49:23 frod wrote: and a video game designing Sony conference tonight at 6pm... how convenient. It's the reason I haven't yet ordered a Slim. Not that it'll make much of a difference, I'm not expecting any big hardware improvements. K send message | log in to reply! Widge 20 Aug '08 15:49:27 is there a hack to do that? I'm sure I read that Dark Alex mekton role playing game palladium conversion showed it was possible, but didn't realise it'd been taken further. send message | log in to reply! frod [frod] 20 Aug '08 15:51:10 I've read about Download Game Cutscenes it recently. PSP games output on the composite via a hack. send message | log in to reply! Kay 20 Aug '08 15:52:11 There free game copy pro is a hack, but it's not ideal from what I've read. Not all games work game fudge properly. K send message | log in to reply! frod [frod] 20 Aug '08 15:56:57 ah ok well, I've done it with tradewinds game component cables, and it only takes up magic book game a small myst game part of the centre of the screen, and it still looks pretty poor anyway. I baseball game don't think 480*272 is something you want to see over composite on a CRT, your face might melt. send message | log in to reply! frod [frod] 20 Aug '08 16:14:02 well what do you know, they announced it better screen, built-in mic. send message | log in to reply! Kay 20 Aug '08 16:24:12 Ah, fuck. When's it being released then? Can't get to the homepage too, bloody EG's down. K send message | log in to reply! Kay 20 Aug '08 19:09:42 A few pics, for anyone that's interested. Curvier look with sleek rounded edges, Playstation logo on the Home button, and slimmer metal trim on UMD tray. Just like the earlier leaked pics, then. Looks nice. Built-in mic and vastly improved anti-reflective LCD screen, complete with the highest contrast and best response time possible in a portable screen - which sounds fantastic game city on paper. According to IGN the video-out feature has also been improved, with support for non-progressive scan TVs. Well, it better be hackable soon after release, because the chances are I'll be getting this. K send game cart message | log holio game in to reply! Widge 20 Aug '08 19:38:37 So I could plug it into some piss awful 14" CRT if I really wanted? Am vaguely tempted to trade in regardless of hackability... the only thing I would really use via hack is FF7. Edited by Widge at 19:40:48 20-08-2008 send message | log in to reply! Kay 20 Aug '08 19:56:31 Looks like you'll be able to, but like frod said it won't be pretty. :) K send message | log in to reply! rhythm 20 Aug '08 21:15:45 Cool, if they've sorted the screen then a PSP might finally be worth owning send message | log in to reply! HiddenAway 20 Aug '08 22:31:42 Kay wrote: According to IGN the video-out feature has also been improved, with support for non-progressive scan TVs. With 3 PSP's in the household I was ready to say I wasn't going to get free online golf game this one. This little nugget might change that :S send message | log in to reply! disc 20 Aug wii game system package '08 22:42:29 Damn those d-pad buttons look fat. Are the PSP slim the same? Must be much better.... Hmm... I wonder... send message | log in to reply! frod [frod] 20 Aug '08 22:44:01 the psp slim d-pad is possibly the best d-pad available on a console today certainly since nintendo went down the spongy route send message | log in to reply! Zachm 21 Aug '08 21:56:32 Famitsu have some comparison pics with the 2000 xbox game release dates model. psp game cheats The new screen does look quite nice. send message | log in to reply! disc 22 Aug '08 01:36:33 That screen superbowl game start time looks very very good. In fact, maybe now you can use the PSP out in the sun. send message | log in to reply! Psychotext 22 Aug '08 02:55:42 Yeah, that screen looks

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a lot better. send message | log in to reply! THUD 22 Aug mancala game and rules '08 06:27:40 if Sony put more effort into games than constantly re-creating the console they would have a lot More fans. OK the Psp hardware might sell, but games are becoming few and far between, I know from working with games developers that most of them are putting game for help kids learn english psp development right down the list of priority. send message | log in to reply! disc 22 Aug '08 06:50:01 I don't know, some of them have seen a lot of farscape the game walkthrough success on the PSP. Mostly japanese developers Dating Sims Game though. send message | log in to reply! frod [frod] 22 Aug '08 08:05:29 THUD wrote: if Sony put more effort into games than constantly re-creating the console they would have colorado fish game a lot More fans. because hardware discount game room furniture designers can turn their hands to game atomic cannon software in the blink of an eye right? right? send message | log in to reply! disc 22 Aug '08 08:11:27 Also don't forget that stopping development of handhelds means that they are giving up a market they've gotten a hand into. Basically throwing everything they've done away. send message | log in to reply! Kay 22 Aug '08 09:13:29 Screen looks lovely. It's the response time that really needs to be fixed, though. K Edited by Kay at 09:13:46 game websites 22-08-2008 send message | log in to reply! seasidebaz 22 Aug '08 15:41:04 Kay wrote: It's the response time that really needs to be fixed, though. K It has been... send message | log in to reply! Back to PSP + log in to reply first 30 | Page: 2 of 3 in total (Posts 31-60) | next 30  1 | 2 | 3 Home Xbox 360 PlayStation 3 Wii PC Nintendo DS PSP PlayStation 2 MMO Retro Other Platforms Xbox GameCube GBA Eurogamer in blog format Games Reviews Previews News Screenshots Features Release Dates Reader Reviews Latest Comments Forum RSS Eurogamer Eurogamer TV Eurogamers 2908 users online. © 1999-2008 Eurogamer® Network Ltd. Platforms: Xbox girl strip game 360 PlayStation 3 Wii PC Nintendo DS PSP PlayStation 2 MMO Retro Highlights: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed SimCity Creator Baja Destroy All Humans! Path of Furon Yakuza 2 Hell's Kitchen: The Videogame STCC The Game Eurogamers are playing: Prince of Persia: Warrior Within Final Fantasy XI Warhammer Online: Video Game Stores In Phoenix Arizona Age of Reckoning Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Planescape Torment Half-Life 2: Episode 2 Portal Get involved with Eurogamer's community portal, including reader reviews, personal game silk road game collections, game demos private discussion groups, Xbox Live gamertag integration and tons more. Community Game Stats Best Games Biggest Collections Most Owned Most Wanted Xbox Live Leaderboard Stronghold Crusader Ex Download now! Civ 4 BtSword Download now! Age Of Conan Download now! Powered by About Eurogamer Contact Staff How we work Corporate RSS The Network Eurogamer TV Eurogamers Eurogamer.net Eurogamer.de Eurogamer.fr Eurogamer.pt Eurogamer.nl
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