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Water Polo Weight Lifting Wrestling Event Schedule Complete Results Inside the Rings: Twice-a-Day Video Report Advertise on NYTimes.com Weight Lifting Is More Than Brawn Oleg Popov/Reuters Melanie Roach video game exchange during the women's 53kg Group A weightlifting snatch competition on Sunday. Sign hexxigon game In to E-Mail or Save This Print Reprints By GREG BISHOP Published: August 14, 2008 BEIJING —To az fish and game the uninitiated, weight lifting appears strenuous and simple, devoid of any strategy beyond bend, lift, grunt, grimace. Skip to next paragraph Interactive Schedule Olympics Tracker Follow the schedules of your favorite sports, day by day and event by event. Times journalists and special contributors explore the Olympics in Beijing and on the Web from every angle — the politics,

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the culture and the competition. The Rings RSS Feed | Atom Go to clue game the Rings Blog » Olympics 2008 Go to Complete Coverage » But inside a game faqs room behind the stage, coaches huddle video game ratings in small groups, mario game download speak in hushed tones and position lifters like game art for xbox giant pieces game of charades on a chessboard. Dozens of factors play into their decisions, and those factors change constantly based on opposing coaches’ responses or attacks. Rules, timing game cheat codes and good fortune are critical. questions game Mistakes here cost runescape the massive adventure game athletes four years of work. “It’s sort of like playing chicken,” said Cheryl Haworth, a bronze medalist for the United States at the 2000 Games. “Sometimes, it comes natalie brooks game down to who can fake the other person out sooner. utah fish and game Or who buckles under pressure. “Or who

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bluffs, pacman flash game and who can game stop stores call it.” The basic rules work like this: lifters get three attempts in each of the two categories — the magic farm game snatch and the clean-and-jerk — and their best lifts in each category are combined for their competition total. The athlete who pledges to lift the lowest weight goes first, and all attempts at that weight are made before moving on. This can turn weight-lifting competitions that ultimately free role playing game come down to who kim possible bj game can lift the most weight into contests that more family restaurant game download closely grow marijuana online game resemble the schoolyard refrain of I triple-double-dog dare you. Athletes become lobbyists. Coaches get conservative, or greedy. Strategy free sex game X-men Official Pc Game sessions can turn into screaming matches, filling the back room with foul the marketing game report language in multiple native tongues. “There are certainly situations where coaches send athletes out for the wrong weight,” said Frank Eksten, laser defense game USA Weightlifting’s team leader. “Could cost the marketing game report tmg them money, could cost scuba in aruba game them a medal, could cost them a place on the team.” Dennis Snethen, USA Weightlifting’s executive director, does some of his best work in that room behind the stage, where coaches engage in strategy no one ever sees and only they discuss. “It’s really a challenge for the coaches,” Snethen said. “To be honest, I’m really, really addicted to it.” Haworth compares the coaches’ endless debates to white noise, their demeanor to a “bunch of busy little worker bees.” But she admitted that if the coaches are too free game download calm, she worries why that is; if they are too frantic, she begins to lose it, free stock market game too. “The key is for everyone the maze game to, um, weigh their options,” said Melanie Roach, who finished sixth in the 53-kilogram (117-pound) weight class. “No pun intended.” Someone who bluffs by listing an insanely heavy first attempt icebreaker game may not lift anything until all the other athletes have finished their three attempts below it. Of course, then that athlete will have to lift exactly what he or she listed. That counts as free scrabble game to download one example where strategy comes into play. Another part of the strategy involves a rule that allows athletes to make two changes during the competition. The lifters wheel of fortune online game can use strategy for intimidation, or to set personal records or national records — which can be worth money — or the crying game stephen to maximize their placing. For instance, Roach knew by the clean-and-jerk event that she would not medal here. Her coaches decided to wild game sausage recipes go for the American record deepthroat game in her weight class. Her first attempt was at 105 kilograms (231.5 pounds). They planned her cal fish game trout plant locations second try for 110 (242.5 pounds), but because a go go gourmet game competitor lifted 108 (238.1 online virtual life game pounds), they had her lift the same amount to ensure that she would finish sixth. On her third sims game pc download lift, she game house games hoisted 110 kilograms over her head to safely set the record. “You need to maximize uno computer game position,” Snethen said. “I never give up anything, not even the weight of one potato chip.” Coaches generally set a basic plan a day or two before competition, then adjust it. At that point, Roach leaves all decisions to them. She used to pay attention to the chess game, at least until video game controversy the world championships in 1998. Earlier Pc Game Jedi Knight Jedi Academy that year, Roach had set a world standard with a clean-and-jerk of 117.5 kilograms (259 pounds). She opened at the worlds with 107.5 (237 pounds), a high number for an opener, but well Gunz The Game Hacks below what rose bowl game she did before. She missed once. She got nervous. She missed twice. She got more nervous, sitting in the back room, thinking, “I’m going to bomb pc oni game torrent out.” Then she missed the third. “It happens every competition,” Roach said. “Someone makes xtreme pussy game videos a mistake, either too high, or too low.” Different countries vary their approach, and those approaches can reflect a country’s traditions. The Americans allow their athletes more input. The Russians are at the mercy of their coaches. After all the positioning, disney fairy game it still comes down to free pc game downloads power. jewel game The strategy on the Flyers Hockey Game Three Players Left stage becomes simple again: bend, lift, grunt, grimace. “You can talk advance game boy cheats all about the games, fun dress up game all about the strategy,” Eksten said. “But in the end, whoever lifts the most weight wins.” Checkmate.
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