Everyone has their own Crosby Experience, each unique to that person. This page will highlight the experiences of true Crosby fans one at a time in their own words!

Wendy Mahoney

Wendy Raises a Toast to Bing

I have been a Bing fan for as long as I can remember and my earliest recollection of Bing is coming home from primary (grade) school when I was around 10-12 and finding my mother listening to her newly acquired Bing records. I distinctly remember hearing the sad news on the wireless announcing his death when I was 22, and being absolutely stunned. At that time, apart from my parents, I don’t remember anybody else showing much interest in the death of such a great man!

Unfortunately, living in Australia, it was hard to collect Bing and apart from a handful of LPs, a few 78s and whatever clippings appeared in the papers, I was not able to pursue my love of Bing to any great degree. All that changed about 3 years ago when my daughter surprised me with a Bing publication which she purchased over Ebay. Boy oh boy, did that change my life completely!

The internet opened a whole new (Bing) world to me and I haven’t looked back since! Apart from being an avid collector I have made such wonderful, wonderful friends from all over the world (mainly through Steven Lewis’s Bulletin Board but also through the 4 Bing Crosby fan clubs I now belong to). The best part of it is that we all speak the same language! I have absolutely nobody here in Western Australia to talk and share things Bing with (my family tolerate my obsession) so I treasure my on-line Bing family!

I can’t actually put my finger on what it is about Bing that makes him so special to me – is it his voice (I enjoy listening to him talk almost as much as sing), his easy-going, laid back attitude to life, his wonderful sense of humour, his willingness to share himself with the general public, his obvious love of music and life …. I could go on and on.

Whatever it is, Bing and my long distance Bing friends have enriched my life 1,000% and I am very, very grateful for having found a purpose in life that is so special to me. I have a little saying on the wall next to our computer which says:

“We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements in life, when all that we need to make us really happy is something to be enthusiastic about.”

I think that says it all!

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