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UKRavens Honorary Members:

***Award for 2009***

‘Baltimore’ Greg Louque
A regular board friend to us over a number of seasons. A moderator on 24*7, ‘Tailgater’ and party host, Greg topped this with an extremely generous offer of Ravens tickets to both the Redskins and Steelers home games.

Awarded 2008
Tim ‘Toe’ Toeman
The only US full UKRaven member, Tim made the trip over to see the Wembley game. He continues to do a lot of work in the US to maintain our US profile.

Awarded 2006
Ken ‘Topper K’ Phillips

A log-time ally of the early UKRavens. He donated tickets and helped host the first ever UKRavens game trip in 2003, and again in 2006.Remains as one of our Associate Members. Original singer of the Celery Song (US) in 2003.

Awarded 2006
Doug Phillips

Founder member, and former President of the Ravensnests organisations. He donated tickets and generously hosted the first ever UKRavens game trip in 2003. Without his help, and board hosting, we would not have made the early progress we did. Original singer of the Celery Song (US).

UKRaven of the Year - Season 2008/09

Ben Stockwell

A previous two-time winner, Ben continued with his year round input to the UKR's and to his NFL based web-site. This was capped of by his short notice trip to Baltimore to see the Ravens verses the Redskins and Steelers. A 'solo' trip is always the hardest to deal with and is testament to Ben's commitment to the Ravens.

UKRaven of the Year - Season 2007/08
Tim ‘Toe’ Toeman

First ever US Raven and associate member to be nominated! Tim made the trip over to see the Giants/Miami game. Initiated many emails on Ravens subjects, he continues to do a lot of work 'behind the scenes' in the US to raise our profile.

UKRaven of the Year - Season 2006/07
Ben Mortimer

Ben has been awesome in his efforts this year on all fronts. In particular helping organise the trip, getting the game tickets to the (sell-out) Raiders game and his fantastic ‘hosting’ on the trip.

UKRavens of the Year - Season 2006/06
Gordon McGuiness & Ben Stockwell

In a tough year - both Ben & Gordon share the award. Gordon’s efforts were highlighted by his work on the message board, and for his fantasy league. Ben has once again been a consistent performer on all fronts.

UKRaven of the Year - Season 2004/05
Ben Stockwell

Ben has been an inspiration to us all. He has worked tirelessly to bring new dimensions to our group: new contacts, articles for the site, radio commentary, input on RavensInsider and NFLUK.

UKRaven of the Year - Season 2003/04
Simon Beames
Simon breathed new life in the organisation, for although we had expanded, he brought us into contact with a whole new group of fans – mainly from NFLUK.COM.

UKRaven of the Year - Season 2002/03
Gordon McGuiness

Gordon was to first person to join up with us, and quickly found his feet with a series of good articles, and (after some reluctance) some cracking match reports.

UKRaven of the Year - Season 2001/02
Paul Badock

Paul spent many hours on the net – particularly on US chat rooms, and was the main reason we formed our relationship with the Ravensnests. Since then he has been almost ‘ever present’ on the Insiders’ Board.

As you may not be aware of the full history of the UKRavens, we started from being very small - well two actually, when Paul and I both wrote letters into First Down Magazine after our historic SuperBowl XXXV win. It was a few months later that we had the idea of getting a web site in the UK. Quite simply we searched for other fans with little success and felt that we needed to take the first step.

It was my sister, Debbie Rayment, who did the initial work and bought us the domain name We had initially thought of Ravens UK – but as it could be turned to ‘Raven Suk’ we opted for the former. She spent many hours getting our site going. After going live in 2002 we started putting the name around. It took time, but gradually our hit rate started to climb. We managed to get mentions on the Ravensnest message board and Chamber website thanks to a contact from TopperK as well as Ravens24x7 - from Tony Lombardi. Of particular interest to US based fans was the ‘Why a Fan’ section, so we decided to make it a part of becoming a full member - that you have to state your reasons, or why you got here.

Since those days, we all have put in many hours on the net, by phone or letters to build up the UKRavens Fan Club’s profile – on both sides of the Atlantic. To date we now have members in England and Scotland – as well as ex-pats in the US. We are also trying to build up a ‘EuroRavens’ section currently with members in Ireland, Sweden and Germany. In acknowledgement of this effort I think it appropriate to give a specific mention to the member who put in the most outstanding contribution during the season. The decisions are mine – in consultation with senior members.
Cheers, GO Ravens

Dave Cressey


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