This is me. Paul Allsopp. Developer of lyrical phrase, software and websites. I have a dream that one day.....No, I lied, was a nightmare. Hmmm, should I keep this page updated? Maybe. Maybe not. Who cares? Do you care? If at this point you think I'm clinically insane, you're wrong. I'm just a little crazy. gotcha_Crazy!

So anyway. Enough about you, some things about me.

I was born on the back of an old baked bean can that had been discarded at the side of the road. My mother was a beautiful moth called Calindrea. She had big brown wings that she used to keep me safe in until I was big enough to fall off the can all by myself. I didn't really know who my father was. My mother told me he was a firefly who lit her lantern one night. Never knew what she meant by that.

I lived my life on the edge. I used to buzz around right up close to the candles, not even thinking about getting burned. Because I know my stuff, I can tell you. Oh, I just did. Ok. Anyway. I flitted around, flying like some real mad bastard, no crash helmet or anything. I was invincible, incredible, nay indisputable. Well, until some woman swatted me. Bitch. I managed to crawl away to safety.

And so now I drag my weary ass around from matchbox to matchbox, talking to all the other non-flying insects. I write poetry for ladybird lovers. And sometimes, I dream that I will fly again.

Hmmm, lessons best learnt are usually learnt last.

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