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The Installation

On the first visit to the "ringing chamber" Marks first thoughts were that they would not fit, but with a quick bit of drawing Mark was sort of convinced. i should say at this point that the ring of six are in a room that measures 32" x 56"!

Mark then headed to Yorkshire with the pots, whilst I stayed in Southampton to design the frame. all dimensions were duly sent to Mark and we both started to build.

On the 28th September the moment of truth, the finished pots and frame would come together for the first time, wow they all fitted. (not a lie, they all fitted first time)

On September the 29th, The Tenor was the first to be finished, and then the front 5 slowly went together.

The next interesting probblem was to get the large 5 pot frame into the roof and hold it there whist we insert the Tenor frame. Big problem! the Tenor frame is about 1" to big (B$%^*ks,F*^k,S*~t). But with a lot of luck  (and some design) there was 1.5" of space built into the Tenor Gudgens, time to remake the frame and this time it fitted (just).

After about 2 hours of adding support beams and they were ready for the frist ring of all 6.

The first 1/4 peal was rung on the 30th of September 2001 (see 1/4s page for details)

My Thanks must go to Mark for tuneing the pots as best he could and for doing such a good job of making the wheels and ringing fittings.