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This section is not new but It's not been available for some time - I wanted to put it back up in the hopes that it will be useful - it was designed for the Warwick pharmacology exam but may be useful to others.

The notes on this site were made primarily by students in the Warwick graduating class of 2007 - the names of the individual authors are recorded on the documents that can be downloaded. My thanks go to all of them.

Analgesia and Anaesthesia (updated 1st April 2007)
Cardiac (updated 1st April 2007)
Endocrine (updated 1st April 2007)
Gastrointestinal (updated 1st April 2007)
Haematology (no drugs completed)
Infectious Disease (updated 1st April 2007)
Neurological (updated 1st April 2007)
Other (updated 1st April 2007)
Psychiatric (updated 1st April 2007)  
Renal (updated 1st April 2007)
Respiratory (updated 1st April 2007)
Rheumatology (updated 1st April 2007)

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