Scottish Football in Europe

Review of Season 2001/2
Scotland having secured 15th in the European Rankings at the end of Season 1999/00, this ensures 2 Champions League places for Season 2001/2. Scotland were infact equal on points (20.500) with Austria in 15th Place but because Scotland had a better coefficient for 1999/2000 (Scotland 5.125, Austria 3.875) they secure 15th place on count back. European places played for in the domestic season 2000/1 for the 2001/2 European tournaments are as follows:
Champions (Celtic) 3rd Qualifying Round of Champions League
Runners up (Rangers) 2nd Qualifying Round of Champions League
3rd in League (Kilmarnock) Qualifying Round of UEFA Cup
Cup Winners (Hibs) 1st Round of UEFA Cup
For this season the Scottish teams were seeded for the various tournaments dependant on each teams UEFA ranking. This is calculated by taking half the country coefficients and adding all points gained by that team (2 for a win 1 for a draw) from the 1st round on, over the previous 5 years in Europe. The Scottish teams rankings and points total used for this season are as follows:-
Team Points Rank
Rangers 38.310 63rd
Celtic 25.310 94th
Kilmarnock 12.310 183rd
Hibs 11.310 199th
To see how this compares to other teams in Europe the full list of European club rankings and coefficients at the end of season 2000/1 to be used in season 2001/2 can be seen in the following page:- 2001 Team Ranking
All seedings and results for this years participation in Europe can be seen in the following pages:-
A table containing all rankings points gained by Scottish clubs this season is shown below with points being awarded as follows. In the Qualifying rounds, 1pt is awarded for a win and 0.5 pts for a draw. From the 1st round onwards:- 2 pts are awarded or a win and 1pt for a draw. Celtic receive 1 bonus point for reaching the 1st League phase of the Champions League.
Champions League Matches Points UEFA Cup Matches Points
Q2: 1st Leg: NK Maribor 0-3 Rangers 1 Q1: 1st Leg: Glenavon 0-1 Kilmarnock 1
Q2: 2nd Leg: Rangers 3-1 NK Maribor 1 Q1: 2nd Leg: KIlmarnock 1-0 Glenavon 1
Q3: 1st Leg: Ajax 1-3 Celtic 1 R1: Rangers 1-0 Anzhi 2
Q3: 2nd Leg: Celtic 0-1 Ajax 0 R1: 1st Leg: AEK Athens 2-0 Hibs 0
Q3: 1st Leg: Rangers 0-0 Fenerbahce 0.5 R1: 2nd Leg: Hibs 3-2 AEK Athens 2
Q3: 2nd Leg: Fenerbahce 2-1 Rangers 0 R1: 1st Leg: Kilmarnock 1-1 Viking Stavanger 1
Celtic Receive Bonus Point 1 R1: 2nd Leg: Viking Stavangar 2-0 Kilmarnock 0
R1: Celtic 1-0 Rosenborg 2 R2: 1st Leg: Rangers 3-1 Dinamo Moscow 2
R1: Juventus 3-2 Celtic 0 R2: 2nd Leg: Dinamo Moscow 1-4 Rangers 2
R1: Celtic 1-0 Porto 2 R3: 1st Leg: Valencia 1-0 Celtic 0
R1: Porto 3-0 Celtic 0 R3: 2nd Leg: Celtic 1-0 Valencia 2
R1: Rosenborg 2-0 Celtic 0 R3: 1st Leg: Rangers 0-0 Paris Saint-Germain 1
R1: Celtic 4-3 Juventus 2 R3: 2nd Leg: Paris Saint-Germain 0-0 Rangers 1
R4: 1st Leg: Rangers 1-1 Feyenoord 1
R4: 2nd Leg: Feyenoord 3-2 Rangers 0










5 0





5 4



scohibs.gif (4872 bytes) Hibs


1 0




scokilmarnock.gif (4919 bytes)



2 1 1 0 3
Scotland Total 13 5



26.5 6.625
Scotland achieved their main objective for the season which was to reclaim a top 15 place in the rankings to enable a second Champions League place to be regained. Scotland have finished this season in 12th place in the rankings for determing participation in the 2003/4 European tournaments.  With UEFA having recently decided to retain the same format for the Champions League in season 2003/4, Scotland's participation for the 2003/4 season will be 2 representatives in the Champions League and 2 in the UEFA Cup. 

Rankings for the end this season for all countries are shown in the following page :-

Some interesting facts about Scottish participation in this years European tournaments:-

  • At the 7th Attempt Rangers have become the first Scottish club ever to win a European tie on penalty kicks
  • No team outwith the Old Firm has advanced beyond the first round of any European Tournament since Aberdeen's victory over the great Barry Town in 1996.
  • At the 8th attempt Kilmarnock became the first Scottish club ever to be knocked out by a team from Norway.
  • Celtic have now failed to progress against Spanish opposition in the 7 occasions that they have played Spanish clubs.  Conversely Valencia have now won all 7 ties they have played against Scottish Clubs
  • Rangers are still the only Scottish club ever to have played Russian opposition in Europe.  They have also won all 5 of these ties.
  • Feyenoord have now won all 4 ties against Scottish opposition

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