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Chairperson:   John Paton  

Vice Chairperson:  Barry McCulloch         


Treasurer:  Sean Baldwin


Secretary:  Louise McCulloch  

Child Protection Officer: Janice Paton  

Rothes Juniors FC Coach Contacts:

1992: Rothes Jnr:

John Paton  

Barry McCulloch 

Rothes Utd:

Kenny Herd

1993: Rothes Jnr:

Mark Johnston 07835668954

Simon Etienne 07743 457672

Rothes Twn:

David Todd 07828204215

Brian Ireland 

1994: Rothes Jnr:

Cameron Sloan 07950 498449

Brian Marshall

Scott Cairns 

1995: Rothes Jnr:

Jimmy Martin

Rothes Utd:

Neil Fraser

Mike Madden

Rothes Twn:

Brian Dickson 07811293111

1996: Rothes Jnr:

Andy Williamson

Martin Hendry

Rothes Town:

Garry Farmer 07706346553

David Allan

1997: Rothes Jnr:

David Ross 07949 087956

Rothes Twn:

Sean Baldwin 07970 006891

Alan Duncan 07920 825816

1998: Rothes Jnr:

Stuart Glen

1999 / 2000 / Soccer School:

Barry McCulloch















"God gives gifts to everyone, ... Some can write, some can dance. He gave me the skill to play football and I am making the most of it.























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