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Mystik Spiral

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geocities mirrorIn the words of Trent Lane:
-Mystik Spiral performs a raw, naked brand of searing, anarchic sound. Our songs are stark reminders of the tortured human condition -- howling sonic poems of raw intensity. We will also play the hora upon request.
-We are available for weddings, sweet sixteens, bar mitzvahs, acquittal parties, keggers. Not too early in the day, please. Sorry, we don't wear suits and ties, no matter how much you pay us. (Though Nicholas will DJ in a white tuxedo for a reasonable price. He's got a kid to support. He gives out keychains and other prizes. It's really kind of fun.)
-Cash, check, or barter accepted. (I'm in the market for a beat-up motorcycle jacket or an ashtray in the shape of a Scottie dog.) Call 555-3877. If no one picks up, try again later. I probably kicked the phone over by mistake."

In the words of me, Sarah - Mystik Spiral groupie...
Mystik Spiral, aka Mystyk Spiral, aka Helpful Corn aka "something something Explosion", are:

Trent Lane (right) - lead singer, guitarist, main lyric writer, also in charge of stopping Max and Nicholas from killing each other. Frontman extraordinaire. Spends most of his time sleeping (don't expect to find him up until at least 12pm), playing guitar and being creative. Kind of.
Jesse Moreno (left) - rhythm guitarist and back up vocals. Jesse and Trent seem to be the core of Mystik Spiral. Jesse is a man of little words unless constructively arguing chords with Trent (and whether he'll get hand cramp attempting to play them). Both A chords.
Nicholas Campbell (not pictured) - bass. Nicholas has red hair and was in a band prior to Mystik Spiral. He and Max often have creative differences regarding bass/drum issues... which of course are described in the most technical manner (by making drum and bass sounds).
Max Tyler (not pictured) - drums. Max has no hair and piercings, and although he has a tough exterior, we see his true nature in "SpeedTrapped" when the band are put in jail temporarily. Max is also the owner of the Tank (killer van dude), but it appears the ownership has since passed to Trent, on account of him needing it to sleep in, live in occassionally, etc.

geocities archive The Music: (because that's what it's all about, man)
'Behind My Eyelids' 45rpm record is available... good luck finding it... if you have a CD burner, the band want you as a fan. A new CD is due whenever the band get the drum kit out of hock, or find the money to record it somehow. So we're looking at months to say the least.

Here's a sample of the pure genius erm, that passes thru Trent's head and into his song book:

"My heart is like an open wound,
That reads the tea leaves of its doom.
Soothe me with redemptionís love,
Like a heat proof kitchen glove."

-and in the words of Daria... "What?"

Select a song for lyrics:
Behind My Eyelids
Icebox Woman
Little Sister
From The Futon
Ow, My Face
- All songs © Mystik Spiral

Other songs not listed here include: "Paingasm" "Psychic Refugee" "Hey Mr Normal" the "Happy Herb Car jingle" and "The Peanut Song". Trent has also guest played for 'The Holidays'.

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