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Sid Burgon did the super Joker and many others from 1973 to 1990 at Fleetway. He then worked at D.C Thomson up to the early 2000's until he retired.
Sid has a great clear penmanship with good varities of shading. He drew his characters with a certain walk and style. Joker had great characters in it from his older brother, the pretty teacher, the crafty dog etc..
He made Bookworm fun the stories were always fresh and original. He made the Invisible monster visible!!...
I loved Adrian the Barbarian he did for Beezer...he came up with some great fun creatures lurking in the background a bit like his early work of Little Monsters.

I hope he is enjoying his retirement...what a great body of work for us all to enjoy. Cheers to Sid! :)

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