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Countergeocities archive Peter Gray + <b> <br>Comics<br>

Peter Gray's Reg Parlett fansite

Buster's Beastenders

Whizzer and Chip's Belle Tent

Whizzer and Chip's Bewitched Belinda

Knockout's Billy Bunter

Buster's Bonehead

Buster's Buster

Eagle and Swift's Calling 'U' for Useless

Buster's Consternation street

Whoopee's Creepy car

Wow's Creepy Comix

Giggle's Dim Dan the film stuntman

Buster's Disappearing trix

Whoopee's Evil eye

Eagle's Fido

Krazy's Fit Fred and sick Sid

Buster's Fright school

NEW....Sept 12th 2005

Wow's Goodies and Baddies

Guy the Guide

Buster's Happy Family

Whizzer and Chip's Harry's haunted house

Helpful Hettie

Jackpot's It's a nice life

Cor's Ivor Lott and Tony Broke

Buster's Kid gloves

King of the jungle

Shiver and Shake's Lolly Pop

Lion's Mowser

Cheeky's Mustapha million

Cor's Nightmare

Buster's Rentaghost Ltd

Buster's Samsunn

Whoopee's Teacher's pets

First Name : Phil URL : Philcom55 Comment : Great to see all these old favourites again - particularly those from the old Eagle titles, but as a matter of interest werent Fido and Calling U for Useless called Fidosaurus and XYZ Cars when they were originally printed. I also have fond memories of Dr

The last Buster Reg Parlett drew..taken over by Tom Paterson in the next issue...

Other Websites created by me...

NEW for Aug 2006 Sid Burgon fansite he drew Joker...Biffo...Adrian the barbarian
...Keyhole Kate...Bookworm...Little Monsters..Lollypop...etc...

NEW! See Robert Nixon's work.....Roger the Dodger...Ivy the Terrible...Gums..Family Trees...Laser Eraser...Buytonic boy...Kid Kong...Spare part kit...etc..New for Nov 2005

NEW! See Mike Lacey's work...Sid Snake...Shake...Shiner...Bumpkin Billionaire's...Match of the week...etc.. Aug 2005

My Main website is

New for April 2005 John Geering....Bananaman...Desperate Dan...Puss and Boots...Sporty...Gums...Smudge...etc..

New for March 2005 More of Ken Reids work..World-wide Weirdies...Wanted posters..Creepy creations and Faceache...etc..

New for March 2005 a website about Brian Walker who did Boxatricks...Scream Inn...The Smasher...Mike's Bike...Old Boy...Pop Dick and Harry...Ghost Train...etc..

New for Jan 2005 a website about the super Leo Baxendale who did The Bash Street kids, Little Plum, Clever Dick, Banana Bunch, Minnie the minxs etc...

A Ken Reid website...Faceache..etc..

NEW! for May 2004 My Newest cartoon comic strip BILLY BIRD.....Check it out!

NEW! For May 2004 Steve Bright website with Steve helping!- Showing his cartoons and comic work Bad Max, Prambo, Brad Break, Dandy Days in Beanotown, Rex and Tex...etc..

NEW for April 2004 My comic strips Sealia and Cowkid! Check it out!!!

NEW for April 2004 by me!!
A Trevor Metcalfe website with his permission.. showing his comic work......Junior Rotter...Sweet Tooth....Town Tarzan...Growing Paynes...Birdman and Chicken...The Amazing 3 and much more...

See Jack.Edward Oliver's comic work...another great British cartoonist! Website created by me!! Cliff Hanger, Mastermind, Vid Kid, My Snoozy dog Woozy, The Champ, Teeny Sweeny, Tv Quiz kids, Robin input from the cartoonist himself... Jack talks about his work.

See Tom Paterson Scotland's finest cartoonist! New for Feb 2004(Sweeny Toddler,Buster, Calamity James, Bananaman..etc)

See Terry Bave British cartoonist! (Toyboy, Sammy Shrink, Odd Ball, Watford Gapp..etc)

My cartoon work!

My Mr Men web site!

Comics uk website! I often chat in the forum!

Toonhound's Fleetstreet has an excellent website
dedicated to comics/ artists/ characters from Buster, Whizzer and chips, Whoopee!, Wow!, Krazy, School Fun and much more!!
Toonhound is the inspiration behind this website...

Started Aug 2004

This is a fan site!

The Beano town website!

The Dandy website!

I'm not associated with Fleetway and DC Thomson comics..Enjoy these pages!

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This website will show whole pages from the comics!

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