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geocities archive Vid Kid by "Sue Denim" (by J.Edward Oliver)

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Who is the artist..I bet it is Jack!

Vid Kid competitions of videos and games in the 90's Buster!

Vid Kids mistakes!

J.Edward Oliver talks about Vid Kid...

I have to admit that Vid Kid was never one of my favourite strips. When I started it, the Editor agreed to let me try a rougher - and quicker - drawing style. Apparently it still came out looking like my work, though! It explains, however, why I used the pseudonym, Sue denim (geddit?). The Editor and Boss insisted that I drew the strip at an enlarged size (I was one of the few cartoonists [if not the only one] in comics who preferred to draw at actual size). Although I wrote the scripts for the early Vid Kids, they wouldn't let me letter them! Eventually, they agreed to let me reduce the drawing size and letter the strips - but they would no longer let me write them! I can't say I like illustrating other people's scripts, mainly because I prefer to be involved with the whole production, but also because script-writers have a tendency to include things that are difficult or time-consuming to draw, such as crowds scenes or bicycles!


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