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Cliff Hanger origin!

The number on Cliff is the number of stories he has been in...when it is a special story he has no number on him! My guess he's had 200 stories! Before Vid Kid replaced him in 1987!

J.Edward Oliver talking about Cliff Hanger...

Did you know that the coloured reprints of Cliff Hanger are not always the same as the earlier black & white versions? I used to write the Cliff Hanger scripts, but the Editor-in-Chief often used to alter some of the endings. Most irritating - I didn't necessarily think that his endings were better! Years later, when I did colour guides for the repeats, I took advantage of the opportunity to expand on some of the conclusions and to alter others back to the way I had originally intended! Actually, my "hidden" signature is "JEO"! The slogan is, of course, "Abolish Tuesdays": the "T" is just the symbol. So many people used to ask what "Abolish Tuesdays" meant that they had a standard reply printed to send out. (Jack will explain this another time..(I always thought it was a deadline to get the comic out on time!!..Peter) The box with the handle is not really a time-travel device. It was there purely to make people wonder what the box with a handle was for! It came in handy when I needed someone to play the part of a time-travel device.

The box seems to be a control box in this Cliff Hanger story!


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