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Here on this page, you can find out where I went to school when I lived in Sennelager, Germany in 1989. We moved to Sennelager after Nottingham and stayed there for 3 and a half years.

Whilst living in Sennelager, I went to John Buchan Middle School in Sennelager, Germany for 9 to 13 year olds to continue my secondary education and then on to Kings School in Gutersloh, Germany to start my GCSEs.

I was in class 7F and then 8m and I always sat with my mate Annalise Kerr, who can be seen in one of the photos below...

The Kings School playground
John Buchan Middle School

The photograph taken of John Buchan Middle School on its' 6th year of being open.The schoolwas unique because of its' honeycombe structure.

This is Annalise aged 11 in 1989 whom I was friends with throughout my time at John Buchan. Annalise was the fastest long-distance runner in the school and I was the second.

Even though she was young age, she was still the tallest in the class. You can see a more recent photo of her on my friends page for Sennelager.

Annalise aged 12.
Annalise aged 11.

The Kings School playground
The Kings School playground.

The famous quad that was the centre of Kings School, the playground.

We would queue up in yearly fashion for our school dinner calling from this playground.

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