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Sennelager was the first I saw of Germany, and obviously I was too young to appreciate its beauty.
Sennelager was a lovely suburbia of the city of Paderborn.

Nearby our house there was a famous castle called Castle Newhouse (Shloss Neuhaus in German), which I adored as it reminded me of a castle from a fairytale.

On the right, is a map of Paderborn.
I lived in Sennelager and used to walk to Schloss Neuhaus to see the Castle and do shopping.

An overview of Paderborn, including Schloss Neuhaus and Sennelager.
A Map of Paderborn

The Beautiful Rathaus (Town Hall) in Paderborn.
The Cityhall in Paderborn

The Beautiful Rathaus (Town Hall) in Paderborn.

The City Mayor is called a Burgermeister!

On the right is the famous Paderborn Urban History Museum.

I really love the German building architecture. I think is is particularly Gothic.

The famous Urban History Museum in Paderborn.
Paderborn Urban History Museum

A drawing of the Golf course.
The Sennelager Golf Course

My Dad used to play at this Golf course in Sennelager as most of his Army colleagues used to get involved.

Sennelager Golf Club is situated 7 Kilometers North of Paderborn and 3 Kilometers West of the Historic Town of Bad Lippspringe.

The drawing on the left in of the Sennelager Golf Course.

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