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Here you can see pictures of my family whilst they were in Sennelager, Germany in 1989.
We moved to Sennelager after Nottinghamand stayed there for 3 and a half years.

We were posted to live in Dulmen because my Dad had a new role to perform for the Army and this is when he was promotoed to a Warrant Officer II.

Whilst living in Sennelager, I went to John Buchan Middle School and then Kings School to start my GCSEs and then when we moved to Dulmen, I had to finish the other year of my GCSEs at Edinburgh School.

Us on a joint family holiday in Venice, Italy.

My Mum with Gareth (aged 11) and myself (aged13) in Venice, Italy - 1991.
Thanks for making me wear that really trendy suit Mum!

I don't have any photographs of my family in Sennelager except for the one above taken at the time we lived there. It is a picture of my Mum and my brother and myself in Venice, Italy. We went on holiday for the first time ever as a family to Italy in 1991 and we joined up with Nicky's family for the fun too!

I must say that even what I remember of Venice was stunning!

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