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I arrived in Nottingham in the cold of January 1996 and was still raw from leaving my old friends Tracy and Trevor in Dulmen, Germany.
I'd lived in Nottingham before so I knew what to expect of the place.

I could not start college until the September and so being just 18, it was difficult for me to make friends as there were not alot of young people living at the Army camp we lived in for our first months back in the UK.

This is my special mate Melissa... She is such a genuine person and deserves everything nice. This photo was taken at Rock City nightclub.

She is the one person I actually clicked with when first arriving back in Nottingham after living in Germany for years.

Melissa at Rock City

My Ex!

The picture on the left is of my first proper boyfriend, Martyn.

He would come and visit me once a month mostly as we were seeing each other long-distance.

I met Martyn through a girl at Clarendon College in October 1996, where I studied my A'Levels in Psychology and Communication Studies.

I still keep in touch with Martyn as we have remained good friends.
Actually he is going to be on television soon on a Grand Prix Idol competition thingy!

On the right is another picture of Melissa!
This is a picture of her eating a steak and Kidney pudding, that we charmingly refer to as a sillicone implant as it looks like one! Mel was in Yates' Wine Bar in Nottingham at the time of this photo.

I met Mel through the same girl that I met Martyn through! Mel is a real laugh and she is a very genuine person. I always liked the band Offspring for their early stuff on the SMASH album, but Mel got me into another great early album of theirs named Ixnay on the Hombre! Listen to it if you ever get the chance.

Us eating our first Paella, in a Belgium bar of all places!

My best mate Nicola!

On the left is my best mate Nicola.

I originally met Nicky in Sennelager, Germany in 1990. We kept in touch over the following seven years and then out of the blue one day I received a phone call from her saying, "Guess where I am!"

We met back up with each other 5 mintues from my house as her Dad had been posted to the barracks I used to live in.

It was like we'd never parted and now she will be my matron of honour when I marry Richard.

If you want to see pictures on mine and Nicky's recent night on the town, click here.

Love ya' Nic!

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