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Here on this page, you can find out where I went to college when I came back to live in Nottingham the 2nd time from 1996 to 1998, after spending my teenage years in Germany.

My college was Clarendon College in Nottingham city centre. I personally chose this college because it is top of the league for colleges in nottingham and although these league tables are subjective, I wanted to give myself half a chance at my A' Levels.
I studied A' Levels in Psychology and Communications Studies and got my RSA Word - CLAIT 1 with distinction here.

I had nine teachers in the two years for psychology and they didn't cover a 1/4 of the syllabus (Comparitive Psychology) so it is not surprising that I ended up with a "D" after being predicted a "B".
I did well in Communication studies and got a "B". I got an "A" for my coursework and oral powerpoint presentation though. I had a wonderful teacher called Wendy Pratt though - she was amazing and she liked ACDC! Cool!

On the right is New college Nottinghams' logo.
They have now merged with all of the other good colleges in Nottinghamshire to become New College Nottingham.

New College Nottingham Logo.
The New college Nottingham Logo.

Kings Strret location.
NCN - Kings Street, Nottingham.

On the left is a picture of Kings Street, part of NCN. It is a really old and beautifully architectured building right in the heart of Nottingham city centre.

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