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Here on this page, you can find out where I went to school when I lived in Nottingham, the 1st time from 1986 to 1989. We moved to Nottingham for the 1st time after living in Chatham, which can be seen on my history page. We stayed in Nottingham for nearly 4 years.

Whilst living in Nottingham - well Chilwell to be precise - in 1993, I first went to Chetwynd Road Primary School in Toton for a few terms, then in an attempt to stabilise me teenage education it was decided that I should try completing my education at boarding school, so I started at Rossholme School for girls in Somerset in 1987. I was so unhappy there that I only stayed for two terms as my Mum and Dad took me out and I went ack to Chetwynd Road Primary School.

Then when I turned 11 years old, it was time to go to secondary school so I went to George Spencer Comprehensive School in Stapleford, Nottingham for one term before we moved to Sennelager in Germany. I don't have any pictures of Chetwynd or George spencer.

On the right is a picture of Rossholme School for Girls where I went for two terms. Rossholme is near Taunton in somerset.

I never liked being there so my Mum and Dad took me out as soon as they could.

I missed my family too much as well.

The main house at Rossholme School for Girls.
Rossholme School.

My Sunday Uniform.
Rossholme Sunday Uniform.

On the left is a picture of me in my Rossholme Sunday uniform that we had to wear to church every Sunday. This was taken the night before leaving to begin boarding school.

I remember really adoring my brand new black patent leather shoes because they had small block heels and were shiny.

On the right is a picture of both my brother, Gareth and I.

Gareth was also going to boarding at Burys Court School in Surrey.

He also didn't enjoy boarding school and it was a bad experience for both of us.
I do not think I am cut out for boarding as I boarded at Kings School weekly for my 6th form year at I still didn't like it.

Us in our uniforms.
My brother Gareth and myself.

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