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Here you can see pictures of my family whilst they were in Nottingham the 1st time.
We moved to Nottingham after Chatham in 1986 and we lived in Chilwell Depot Barracks, which is the main barracks for the Armys' Royal Engineering Corps that my Dad belonged to.

During our time in Nottingham from 1986 until 1989, we lived in two separate houses. One situated at 39 Williams Road (Cool eh'?!) and the other at 25 Woodside Road, right behind our old house!
I think that this was because my Dad got promoted and with this comes a bigger house... a bit snobby and sad really but who would say no? Plus we still had to pay rent on it.

My Dad at a BBQ!

Above is a picture of my Dad during our time in Nottingham. This is him at a barbeque with drink in hand.
Apparently this is where I first got sozzled because somehow I found a bottle of Beujolais red wine and drank quite a bit of it! Kids do strange things!
My parents and me - aged 10!

Above is a photo of me in one of my favourite dresses on, aged 10 with my Mum and Dad at the house in Williams Road.

Gareth when he was cute!
Gareth with Pepper - 1988.

This a picture of my brother Gareth at 25 Woodside Road when he was just 7 years old - bless him! He is stroking our cat Pepper who died 5 years ago. She was a gorgeous cat.

You can tell that it was the late 80's!
Well it was the late 80's!

Above is a picture of me aged 11 years old modelling my then new and fashionable Bermuda shorts! Argh, to think I actually wore the whole suit and loved it! Oh well... do not regret, just learn from mistakes eh'?!

Gawd, and I had a perm!

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