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Richard and myself saved hard for months in order to have our first holiday abroad in Majorca, just of the coast of Spain.

We hired a car and drove all around most of the North of the island because we were resident in the South. We had heard that Northern Majorca contained some beautiful sites so we couldn't esist I'm afraid!
One day, we took the drive through Valdemossa and through the Tramuntana mountains and I was gobsmacked (that's saying something for me!) at the beauty of the sites we were seeing. We stopped off at Deia and I couldn't believe that anything could be so beautiful.

Other places we went to that week, were Soller where we went on an old tram through the cirtus and olive groves. Cala Sant Vincent was a windy day and a gogeous site to see. The sea waves were rushing against the cliffs and it was like a scene from the Goonies film!



Palma Cathedral

Me outside the beautiful Palma Cathedral.

Palm Cathedral and Sea view.

Palma Cathedral by the Sea. I'm proud of this photo.

The Hotel.

Our Hotel on the beach. We had stunning views, especially when a lightening storm hit on one night.

Me with a Fing Mental cocktail

Me and my "Fing Mental" cocktail.

Our first Paella

Us with our first Paella!

Us after our Paella

Us after the Paella.

Miro's Egg!

Rich on Miro's Egg. We called this a disater waiting to happen because it isn't actually attached to the ground.

Richard nearly knowcked it over!

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