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Here you will see most of my family and pictures of me from times and places that I was too young to remember and unfortunately, my Mum and Dad can't remember enough to fill in the gaps for me!

I will now take you from my birth until my first day at Junior school.
The rest of my site will take you through the rest of my days as I can remember those! Ha ha... and I'm only 24 years old, but I suffer from memory loss already!

Ahh, here is a picture of me hours after being born on November 20th, 1977. Three months after Elvis Presley died!

My Mum and I nearly died because her cervix wasn't large enough to give birth to me naturally.
After my Mum had been in painful labour for 4 and a half days, the doctors finally decided to give my Mum a cesarian.
Alas, I was born at 9:27am on a snowy Sunday morning, therefore I am apparently "at work or play, is fair and wise and good and gay." I would agree with this as I work hard and laugh along the way. I weighed in at 7lb 4oz.

My Dad actually put a radio request in for Stevie Wonder - "Isn't She lovely," on when I had been born that morning.

It's a Girl!

Born in Osnabruck, Germany - 1977.

Me aged just a few weeks! Aahhh!

1977 - A few weeks.

On the left is me at just a few weeks in my Daddy's arms and how I'd grown already!

This photo is typical of my Dad, cigarette in hand!

On the right is a picture of me on my Mummy's lap aged One month old.

This photo really shows how alike my Mum and I look if you look at my recent photos.

Me on my Mummy's lap.

Osnabruck - 1977.

Me aged about 1 at my Grampy's house.

Aged 1 and a 1/2 in Cardiff - 1978

On the right is a picture of my aged about One Year, on holiday at my Nana's and Grampy's house in Cardiff, Wales.

I cannot believe that my Mum dressed me in boys Pyjamas!

On the right is me on a bench in the park with my Mum in Lisburn, Ireland - where my brother Gareth was born.
We stayed there for a very short time as my Father had a horrible car accident and was left with the whole of his left-hand side of his body broken.
He was in hospital for 18 months and so missed the birth of my brother - as you can see, my Mum is pregnant with Gareth..

My Dad got a rehabilitation posting to Dover in 1980 but before going to Dover, we went to live in Gravesend, where my Mum's parents live for a while.

Me on a bench with my Mum in Lisburn, Ireland.

Lisburn, Ireland - 1979.

Gareth and Melanie in Gravesend, 1979.

Gravesend - 1979.

On the left, is a picture of my brother, Gareth and I in our house in Gravesend, Kent.

I remember that sofa for forever and a day because we had it until I was 6 years old and I hated it because it was brown!

On the right, is me in our garden in Gravesend, 1979.
I am two and a half years old here.

This photo is special because somewhere, there is a photo of my Father at the same age, posing exactly the same as this! SPOOKY!!!

Me in our back garden in Gravesend, 1979.

Gravesend - 1979.

Me picking a faisy in Dover, 1980.

Dover - 1980.

On the left is me aged three in Dover, 1980. Dover is where we all went for my Dad's rehabilitation posting because before this, my brother and I only saw my Dad at weekends for 18 months, and we apparently used to ask my Mum, "Who is that man?!"

The photo on the right shows my brother Gareth aged two years, playing with my Mum.

He was such a cute kid when he was that age. It's a shame that cute brothers have to grow-up.

My Mum playing with my brother, Gareth in Dover, 1980.

Gareth in Dover - 1980.

My first day of Junior school.

Chatham - 1985

On the left is a picture of me ready for my first day of junior school in Chatham, 1985.

I specifically remember that pink jelly bag because I used to have ballet classes as a child and I used that bag to put my ballet shoes and kit in.

The photo on the right shows my brother and I in the front garden in Chatham with our Dad. I like this photo.

It's also the only picture of me with my first ever bikini!

Gareth and I with Dad in Chatham - 1985.

Gareth and I with my Dad in our front garden in Chatham 1985.

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