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to Mel's Days Help Page!

Here you will see what my site is about and how to navigate around it wthout getting too lost.
You will also find out how my site works here... and what's what.

My site is organised in a hierarchy structure and this can be seen in my Overview page, which is also an image map and can be used to navigate around the site.
From the main Mel's Days! home page, you will be able to get to all main pages that are in this site and all pages have internal cross-referenced links that will lead you back and forth between the main pages and also internal and external links to other associated pages..

All external associative links are written in italics to help you recognise that I am not responsible for what you will see and also that you will exit the Mel's Days! website be clicking such.
I have also kept the number of external links to a minimum in order to keep consistency for you and so that you don't get too lost. Any external links that I have included, I give you my promise that I will check them regularly for verification and validity and therefore save you any hassle. If though, you do notice anything incorrect or broken links, please

You will also notice that there are identity banners at the top of each page in the Mel's Days! website. This is to help you recognise, not only where you are in my site, but also that you are still within my site boundaries.

You will also notice that there are also generic links of the following on each page; Mel's Days "home page" link, "contact" link, "help page" link, "site map" link and a "back" links to get you to the page you were on previous to the one you went to.

If you are still in need of help, Mel can be contacted at


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