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Richard and I got engaged after being together for five months. We fell in love very quickly and both knew instantly that we wanted to spend our lives together and we still feel the same after nearly three years. Richard proposed to me on top of Cheddar Gorge in Somerset with a single red rose and he insisted on getting down on two knees and and told him there was no need to beg, I am not that great a catch!

He also brough two wine glasses and a bottle of cheap plonk from Tesco and Istill have the bottle and the rose!

We hosted an official meal at the Plank and Leggitt family pub in Nottingham in August 2000, which was attended by many of our friends and family.
We received three toaster and two kettles for our engagement presants! Ha ha!

Me beg Lemonie to marry me!

Richard just after proposing.

Me say Yeeeesss!

I said Yes!

The family table.

The family table consisting of the parent, Grandparents and a couple of aunties and uncles.

The friends table.

The friends table consisting of lots of mine and richard's friends.

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