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I have to admit that of all the places I have ever lived, Dulmen was the loveliest of all.
Dulmen was a small villiage-like town in the surburbia of the City of Munster (Which is where I was born incidently! - See My History page!). Munster is also a wonderful City. Germany has amazing building architecture in both urban and suburban areas.

I dream of going back one day. As soon as I have been earning money for a while after my degree is over, I will be taking a trip back to Sennelager to see my close friend Jeanette.

The Old Dulemn Flag
The old Dulmen Flag

Dulmen is famous for it's wild horse and forests.

A dedication goes to the wild horses as the main influence of the town of Dulmen. It is situated in the Merfelder break.

The wild horse course is open from March 1st until October 31st, good weather providing.

The famous Wild Horses of Dulmen.

Dulmen was beautiful!

Dulmen is also famous for its' Ludinghauser gate.
It is under monument protection as a landmark of Dulmen. The coining gate is today still visible as the only item left of the old city wall.

Until 1906 the round flank towers were used as detention cells for the preparation of the 600-year anniversary.

In 1908, a fundamental renovation of the gate took place. Stones replaced the wood and a new gate building was established.

At Christmas time, Dulmen always has a Christmas Market (Weihnachtsmarkt.)

Craftsmen and market traders alike will sell house decorations, christmas toys, toy soldiers and ladybirds, which are considered lucky in Germany.

You can purchase lovely Gluh Wein (Hot red mulled wine), crepes, Stollenbrot and other German specialities at Christmas.
Almost definately, there will be a fun fair in the main car park in Dulmen.

The Dulmen Christmas Market on the market square where I have walked many times!

An arial view of the centre of Dulmen.

On the left is an arial view of the whole of the centre of Dulmen.
I'm sure anyone could see why I loved Dulmen so much.

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