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Here you can see pictures of my family whilst they were in Dulmen in 1993.
We moved to Dulmen after Sennelagerand stayed there for 3 years.

When we arrived in Dulmen, I was very down because yet again, I had to leave my special friends behind which was heartbreaking to do time and time again. Luckily I choose my friends carefully and have managed to keep in touch with the ones worth keeping.

We lived in Dulmen for 3 years or so before heading back to the UK in Nottingham to complete my Dad's Army career. You can see that I went to Edinburgh School for my GCSE exams and I boarded weekly at Kings School again for my 6th Form year whilst living in Dulmen.

My Mum worked at the local service childrens' school, Tower Primary school as their school secretary and financial administrator. My Mum also taught ballet and tap dancing to the children at the school because she is a qualified modern dance teacher.

My Mum and Dad posing in the back graden in Dulmen in the summer time.

My Mum and Dad in Dulmen - 1993.

Here is a picture of my Mum and Dad posing in the back garden in Dulmen in the summer time. I loved our back garden in Dulmen because it was quiet and private, plus there was a good-looking lad next door called Tommy for me to ogle over the fence at!

Just across from our garden was a massive childrens' play park where my friends and I all used to have water fights in the summer. Those were the days! I wish I had more photos.

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