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I came to Bristol on a lovely Autumn day late in September 1998. I arrived here after having left home for the first time and I even remember being homesick on many occasions in my 1st year.
Time went on and I started to like my new found independence and freedom.
My Mum and Dad were very liberal and let me do my own thing at home but it was nice to be out in the world making it on my own.

The University's history goes back as far as 1595 but was a self-appointed Polytechnic in 1969 until October 1992. UWE has four campuses and I am stationed at Frenchay.

University of the West of England in Bristol.
The CEMS Faculty (My faculty) at the University of the West of England, Bristol, UK.

Click HERE for more information about the University of the West of England in Bristol.

If you want to see where else I was educated, click below:
Me aged just 20!  Bless!

The picture on the left was taken for my first ever web page as part of the Systems Development module in the first year.
I love this photo of me because it is proof that I went mad with my hair at least once!

I loved that burgundy anyhow and was heavily into my rock bands! I still am into Rock bands but I don't have so much time to follow them lately.

I passed my first years and was allowed to continue on to the second year.

At this time, I was seeing a guy called Martyn long-distance - He lived in Swansea and I lived in Nottingham - and we were approaching our 3rd year together but as time went on and the second year at University came, we drifted apart because I found that I wanted different things in life.

I also passed my second year which meant I could go on to my placement year as an IT Analyst for KPMG in Bristol, for which I received a grade 'B' in my assessment.

Me with my first proper boyfriend!

Mel's Final Year Project on
Case-Based Reasoning -
The simplest form of
Artificial Intelligence!

On the left is a link to a presentation about my final year project. You will need Microsoft Powerpoint 97 or higher installed on your computer to view it.
It may take a while to open because it is quite large.

It will not open in Netscape Navigator or an AOL browser so you'll need to right-click on it and select "save as" and save it where you wish. You should be able to view it fine in Internet Explorer 4 or above.

Just use your left mouse button to navigate through the presentation.

In my final year so far, I have had two coursework assignment marks back and I worked so hard on them and was releived to find out that the marks I got refelcted my effort.

Just click on the links on the left to read them.
You need Microsoft Word on your PC to view them.

The Electronic Commerce Essay also has a corresponding website, to see it, click HERE.

Information Systems; Policy Context Essay

Electronic Commerce Essay

Mel just after having the brace removed.

On the left is a picture of me taken in September 2001 just before commencing the final year of my BSc (hons) Computing and Information Systems degere and also just after having my fixed brace removed, which I had throughout most of my degree.

The UWE Logo.
On the left is the logo for the University of the West of England, Bristol.